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  1. Ken Are you saying your Colt is currently RAAus registered with a stall speed over 45kts? Ive seen a couple of Colts RAA registered, there was one for sale quite recently. Lovely aircraft, I'd be tempted to have one myself. Is there any risk they'd take your Colt off the register? Alan
  2. Congratulations and a big thankyou to Ian and anybody who helped out I find the aircraft profiles section very interesting and often go there as a reference. I think it really enhances (and helps to differentiate) the site. Much appreciated! Alan
  3. Hi guys, Really impressed at the high production values of your video and think you have a great attitude to the trip. My wife and I hope to do something very similar one day so will be following your adventures with interest. The fold up bikes is something we had already thought of but hadn't seen used yet... Happy flying
  4. Hi folks! A couple of quick questions about windsocks. In this age of instant online weather information, remote weather cameras and other technologies there's something satisfyingly low-tech about a windsock! No doubt back in the day, the Wright brothers hoisted something similar to flap around for them on the blustery beach at Kittyhawk. First question: Is there anything in the regs about windsock placement on an airfield? I can't recall ever seeing anything written. Should it be midfield or at an end of the strip. Should it be adjacent to apron hangar and tiedowns? Or is it totally discretionary? Next question. You blokes with your own strips (say farm strips or small airfields). What size of windsock do you recommend? 8ft or 12ft? I wouldn't go less than 8ft if its got to be seen from 1000ft. Any views on this? Also is there any difference between a regular white sock and a yellow one? Is one more visible than the other? Which would make a better colour? Opinions please. cheers Alan
  5. What an amazing flight! Gorgeous castles and material culture. Thanks for the write up and pictures. I enjoyed reading about this flight through Europe... Alan
  6. Is this consultation open yet? Cant find it yet on the CASA site.. They (somebody, RAAus?) said end of the month. Two days left
  7. Im finding this topic very interesting because Im in a similar situation, just establishing my own private strip and I'd like to think a few fellow aviators might benefit from it. My strip is very similar to that described by the OP, 750m X 60m and surrounded by low timber. In recently renewing my home insurance I was asked if I had a strip -as it would effect my home premium. Personally, Im not too worried about insuring against loss from the strip, its more about personal liability in case of material damage to aircraft or personal injury of anybody using it. It seems a real shame that with airfields and strips being closed down across the country, those of us who would be prepared to offer access to others have to worry so much about liability. Its enough to make you want to wind up the drawbridge!!!! Alan
  8. I've never ground looped yet, but have come close. The Rebel is surprisingly merciful as a tail dragger, compared to lighter aircraft such as the Lightwing. But its a challenge to respond to cross wind gusts (or bumpy uneven surfaces) with corrective rudder inputs without over-correcting and establishing a pattern of increasing oscillations. Here's my personal tip (which some will disagree with!). On take off with a tail dragger I never just shove the throttle full open, because a sudden rudder input to correct the centrifugal yaw could establish that oscillation. Instead I apply power steadily , and introduce the appropriate level of rudder accordingly as we get going. I can still get off really short doing it this way.
  9. Hi UK aviators! my wife and I have just home returned home after a couple weeks visit to the UK. It was basically a family visit, but we drove around a bit and took in a few sites. En route to Durham we called in at the delightful little flying club at Fishburn, which has a coffee shop overlooking the field. There we got talking to Dave, who's the farmer who owns the land the airfield is situated on. Dave was a really good bloke. He took us on a tour of the hangars, introduced us to a couple of the club members who were around, and told us about his practical arrangements for operating the airfield. My wife and I both fly and are just establishing our own airstrip at home, so we were very interested to chat with flyers, check out their aircraft and hear all Dave had to say.... Stupidly we drove off before I got Dave's contact details. He lives right there in the house beside the airfield. Does anybody here have an email or physical address for Dave? I'd really like to write and thank him for his time and kindness shown to two random Australians. We really liked Fishburn and it was a real highlight of our trip to UK. Cheers Alan
  10. Excellent, really enjoyed (and was inspired by) this excellent combination of words and images.
  11. Hi Maxy Welcome aboard. There's lots to learn from this forum and associated website, and some awesome experience to tap into. Congrats on your certificate Alan
  12. Well pointed out @Yenn! My wife and I are about to go overseas for two weeks leaving the as-yet-unfinished strip unserviceable. You'd have to be a complete idiot to attempt to land, because there are huge piles of earth and deep holes easily visible to even a cursory fly-over. But for additional peace of mind, I went out yesterday arvo and pegged down two big white crosses at touch down points at each end of the strip. Now you'd have to be a complete idiot and bloody-minded to attempt to land.... Alan
  13. NT5224


  14. Thanks for compliments on our district onetrack. Although are post code 'Robin Falls' (no post though obviously!) , our house is about 30km from the place you camped at , -up on top of the escarpment. Flyng is the obvious way to get in. Would have loved to have brought a WW2 strip back to to life. Trouble is, we don't have one on our property. They didnt build them up in the high country. Alan
  15. So I threw up a drone yesterday to have a poke around and see how the strip's looking. I'll try attach a pic here. The cleared area is 60m width by 750m length so probably sufficient for many RAA and some GA aircraft. It seems huge when I walk it at ground level. Its gonna be a great bush strip with basic faciliaties situated in a wonderful part of the country.
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