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  1. Wow! How interesting... particularly the comparisons between SOAR and Flight Training Adelaide graduations... Also, training in an RAA reg Foxbat rather than a 172. It seems pretty hard on the poor students, but at least old mate Neel seems to be doing well out of it... We need to be encouraging young aviators, not systematically milking them for tuition. I hope the Skills Quality Authority get to the bottom of this. Alan
  2. Hey Folks This topic has probably been done to death but Im interested to know what fuel people opt for, and what are their reasons for the selection? Do you fly with AvGas or unleaded? I guess the main issues are engine performance, engine wear, price and availability. What do YOU use and why? Are there any major considerations I've overlooked? My new engine is a Lyc 0-320 which is rated for either. I live out bush. Looking for other and all perspectives Alan
  3. Yep, 'In the Clubhouse', or perhaps just 'The Clubhouse' forums. I like it Alan
  4. Poor John! Its always heartbraking to lose a brother aviator. And sincere condolences to his family. I'll await any further information and the results of investigations with interest... Alan
  5. Agreed. It makes sense to bring the general chat forums back... Thanks Ian
  6. Sorry to read about all the trouble Ian's been having with JetFarce. They really are a dreadful airline and their reliability is appalling. Until a couple of years ago I was a very regular traveller and departing Darwin often used their service to Singapore. For about three years JetFarce held a monopoly on routes to Southeast Asia from Darwin. I am not exaggerating to say that more than half of all the flights I took with them were either delayed, cancelled or lost my luggage. It was a shocking track record. I simply do not understand how the company remain in business... I missed connecting flights several times, and I the end had to always organise a day stopover in Singapore to accommodate the vaguaries of JetFarce. These days my wife and I will not fly with them on principle. The topic of delayed flights puts me in mind of a funny airport announcement I once heard (about 30 years ago!) I was at Cairo airport in Egypt, there to pick up a friend who was arriving from Baghdad. Her flight was delayed. The announcer said '' Iraq Airways Flight 432 will not be arriving on time. We hope they are alright....". Alan
  7. OME, I'm certainly NOT suggesting piloting is a masculine activity! We Territorians don't all drag our knuckles in the red soil.... I simply mentioned that my wife has a more impulsive and spontaneous approach to her flying than me, just as she drives her car at speeds that terrify me. This is offset by the fact that she is much better at multi-tasking than me (cockpit management), has better hand eye coordination and is more adept with computer-based technologies. Whether these differences are gender related, or just temperamental differences between us as individuals (me the slow steady and cautious one, she the quick thinking, impulsive one), I don't know. Who's the better pilot overall? No idea. But I'm interested to hear from instructors if they notice differences between male and female student pilots
  8. I think its a good idea but... Why not focus on aviation incident reports rather than media reports? We all know general (non-aviation) media reports can be very wide of the mark, speculative and even misleading. Not saying don't do it, just putting the question out there for more experienced minds than mine. Cheers Alan
  9. I actually really enjoyed the first film ("Don't tell my wife!") . So much so that I had to show it to my wife, who also enjoyed it. I thought it very progressive (for the 50s), not only because wifey got to learn to fly but, from the narration of the instructor, is described as good a student (or even better than) her husband. I watched my own wife learn to fly over the course of a year. It is true that there are some areas of airpersonship (just kiddin!) where women seem to enjoy natural advantages over us blokes, and other areas where we men show greater aptitude. But its probably as much down to the individual attributes as the gender. For example, my wife is more of a risk taker than I, and more impulsive in her flying.. These might usually be considered male attributes... Id be interested to know from some of the instructors on here whether they've observed any differences between the aptitudes of male and female student pilots? Alan
  10. Hi Alan thanks for this feedback. It’s exactly what I wanted to hear, somebody else transitioning from 296 to 660. Like somebody else responded, I never really used Garmin once I had OzRunways, but liked having it in the panel as a secondary device. Also, while the pilot has Ozrunways on the pad, the passenger (usually my wife, who is also a pilot) has the Garmin on her side of the cockpit which means both crew can track the flight. My wife is actually much better at programming the Garmin than I, and if she is not flying , it gives her (or me, if she is flying) something to ‘do’. For me living out bush, the best feature of the Garmin is the ‘go to emergency landing site function’. You’re never more than a click from a direct line to the closest landing site. cheers Alan
  11. Hi Downunder my wifey read your comment and laughed. She agreed that having ozrunways on her phone may make her enjoy looking at the airports and destinations. As a qualified pilot herself that will come in useful when she is flying. 😉
  12. Like many of us now I fly with OzRunways on my IPad. My wife often has a secondary backup device with us when we fly together, (ususally just google maps or something on her phone), and I usually have some paper charts stuffed in my flightback somewhere too. But Im looking really hard of upgrading from an old 296 GPS to a Garmin Aera 660 mounted in my cockpit. What do people think? Anybody got one, and what are the advantages of of a small single purpose device in an era of IPAD EFBs? Id really like to get one, but think I need a little more feedback from guys who own and use it, rather than just the advertising pitch. Cheers Alan
  13. So does anybody know what happens post consultation period? How long will CASA deliberations take and what are the next steps? Presumably these consultation processes are fairly regular and so there must be some precedent for how the process goes forward. The last one I commented on was radio frequencies at uncontrolled airstrips -You'll all recall some desk pilot at CASA proposed we all use Area frequency. "Honey I'm home! Threes miles inbound, so send Mr Dog across to clear the strip..." I just don't remember how long that process took to work through to a sensible outcome. So what happens next with MTOW?
  14. I've recently been thinking about storage and interior design in my aircraft. It got me to thinking about stuff I routinely carry when I fly, some of which is quite odd. We all fly for different purposes, in different regions, and in different aircraft and so the stuff we prioritise to carry will reflect these differences. For example, I always carry a 1m step ladder in the back of my aircraft. I selected it for its light weight. Obviously, I use this for refuelling. Im a tall bloke, but the Rebel's wings are still over my head. I once met an old timer who swore he never flew anywhere without his six shooter. I think his logic was that it was for personal protection if he was forced down in the scrub..... Whats in the back of your aircraft? Alan
  15. Report of a light aircraft getting caught up in ski lift cables. Thankfully pilot and passenger seem to be OK, but the incident report will make for interesting reading... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-49987780 Not sure what kind of aircraft.
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