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  1. Shane

    drifter electric fuel primer

    My late model 582 SB Drifter has an electric fuel pump that runs whenever the key is on (always when flying). The fuel primer is a momentary push button on the dash that opens the solenoid and squirts pressurized fuel into the priming ports on the side of the carbs. (That rubber bung on the left of the carb is a priming port) This factory standard system works really well, You cannot leave it on, almost instant starting, no long pull cables. If your Drifter doesn't have this you should look at putting it on Shane
  2. Shane

    drifter electric fuel primer

    Made by AMR manufacturing Oakleigh Victoria "LPG petrol lock off valve" Catalog page /2/"]AMR Manufacturing - LPG Petrol Lock Off Valves PL40 has 8mm fuel fittings PL30 has threads for screw in fittings Keep those Drifters flying Shane
  3. Shane

    drifter electric fuel primer

    Look up "INLINE PETROL FUEL LOCK OFF SOLENOID VALVE" you want closed with power off They are used for car LPG conversions
  4. Shane

    Wanted Drifter tailplane hinge

    I had seen them at Lockwood Aviation cost $0.95 each, PLUS $10 postage EACH! plus time to get them So I thought someone may know of a local supply But thanks for the info on Lockwood
  5. Shane

    Wanted Drifter tailplane hinge

    Does anyone know where I can get some hinges as used on Drifter rudder and horizontal tail plane control surfaces these are also used on other rag and tube aircraft. Its a SS bent plate with 4x 5/32 holes
  6. Shane

    Jury Strut Eye Bolts

    This is a Ronstan yacht fitting The part number from the AustFlight SB Drifter parts catalogue is "RF P/N734", They called it a "Rigging Screw" The Ronstan website does not list this part anymore, But an Eye end bolt from a Closed body turnbuckle Rf218 looks the part If you ring them I'm sure that they could help you,BUT tell them its for an off-road vehicle! This is a low loaded part, And the dissimilar metal corrosion problem can be fixed with anti-seize or low strength loctite on the threads Hope that this helps, We need to keep our drifters flying Shane
  7. Shane

    Repco engine mounts for 582

    Hi Sandman. Can you tell me the manufacturer and part number of your new mounts? I would be interested in looking at them to see how hard they are. Rubber mounts tend to harden with age, so old stock don't perform as well as new. Lord mounts print the date of production on their rubber vibration isolators! How is the vibration at cruise revs? Your problem could be a propeller imbalance that has been enhanced at low revs by the change to new mounts. I have used static prop balance for my SB 582 Drifter in the past and always had a vibration through the frame at low rpm. Recent use of a dynamic propeller balancer has made a huge improvement at all rpm. Its a Smart Avionics PB-3. Easy to use, effective, cheap. http://www.smartavionics.com/prod-pb.html
  8. Shane

    BlackMax wheels and Brakes

    I have BlackMax Wheels and Brakes fitted to my Drifter This setup works really well I have written about them here, at Rec Flying http://www.recreationalflying.com/showthread.php/37127-Drifter-Brakes?highlight=Drifter+brakes Shane
  9. Shane

    Drifter Brakes

    Fitting Black Max brakes to my Drifter! You can purchase from the manufacturer Hydraulic Brakes You want the “With Newly Redesigned Hub that takes heavy duty bearing” Not old stock like I got This one, BX44863-4 The rim is 4 inch wide, 6 inch diameter, 3/4 inch axle diameter [ATTACH]10572.vB[/ATTACH] The caliper is mounted with some aluminium plate from Bunnings aero-space The Drifter joy stick is 7/8 inch diameter, the Black Max master cylinder has a 1 inch mounting hole. I used a bit of 1 inch OD, 1/16 inch wall thickness Aluminium tube as a spacer for mounting This photo shows the park brake on, which will easily hold at idle [ATTACH]10573.vB[/ATTACH] The standard Drifter rims are 5 inches wide, I use 6 ply Trelleborg tyres, which are wider in the sidewall than the usual lawn mower tyres, These will just fit in the width of the Drifter spats, So using the 4 inch wide Black Max rims will make it all fit with spats I Run these Trelleborg tyres tubeless, at 15psi The brakes will hold at full throttle! I don’t have spats fitted at the moment, because I got the 6 inch wide rims, and the spats won’t fit These are the same brakes that are on the Australian Airbourne trikes Landing distances are easily halved with these brakes Differential braking is not needed, with use of throttle and jiggling the brakes I can do 360 degree turns with one wheel stationary Hope this helps Shane
  10. Shane

    Prop bolts - Info required

    Retensioning a Brolga Propeller This video is a 4 blade Brolga on a Drifter But the tensions are the same Shane
  11. Shane

    Flight safety Mag

    You can find CASA's safety magazine on the internet Current issue september-october is at Civil Aviation Safety Authority - Flight Safety Australia Past issues are also available
  12. Does anyone know the price to get a battery replacement on any of these units, and where they have to be sent to. ie local or overseas, I understand these units have a battery shelf life of FastFind 211 5 years Kannad XS3 6 years GME 410G 7 years
  13. Shane

    Drifter Brakes

    I have Black Max brakes fitted to my Drifter, They are a great improvment on the standard drums, and can be used with the spats My Drifter lives at Wangaratta if you want a look Shane
  14. Approach system Free software moving map (Australia maps) http://www.approach-systems.com/ This topic is covered in this thread http://www.recreationalflying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6946&highlight=approach+system This software works very well on a PDA Enjoy Shane
  15. Shane

    A question of side slipping

    It all depends on your initial crosswind compensation approach If you are crabbing wings level and nose into wind (to the right) then side slip with the left wing forward OR if you chose to point down the strip and have have the right wing low, then side slip with the right wing forward This way when you stop the side slip you are back to your initial crosswind compensation attitude Easy :thumb_up: