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  1. Spriteah


  2. Most decisions the board make on behalf of the organisation. There was consultation on the magazine issue but it was a No brainer. The loss of the printed version was dragging members funds out of the bank. Magazine advertising income did not go to RAAus and we couldn't find a cheaper supplier. Circulation has increased under the electronic version and that will likely lead to increased membership into the future. Be the glass half full. Get out flying.
  3. I think they all knew the risks. Then for what ever reason chose to ignore or discount them. That is human factors. Now why did that occur, that is what needs to be understood and used to educate. I hope some good comes from this tragic event. I'm certain the club friends and family are all suffering at present. Hopefully this occurrence will be a learning event for some and save lives in the future. Jim.
  4. Human factors, education is the ONLY thing that can stop it! Jim.
  5. I am comfortable that raaus is acting within its legal requirements. We do not self regulate. We self administer. This isn't really the thread for this discussion. Jim.
  6. If the aircraft or pilot are attached to RAAus we offer to assist. There are many NSW Police who have also completed RAAus investigators consultant course themselves. Although not in policy we are cautious not to become involved in every crash when the aircraft and pilot are not connected to our association. It is hard for us to justify spending members money assisting with an investigation when it is not directly linked to RAAus. It then falls to the regulator. Regards, Jim Tatlock.
  7. Didn't it crash 10-15 metres from 60 people? Jim
  8. Great Ian. Look forward to a catch up. 3-5pm will be an open forum so any concerns, comments, suggestions or questions from any of your forum members (if they are RAAus Members) can be raised for discussion in a less formal manner if they wish. Regards, Jim Tatlock.
  9. Fellow flyers, This coming Saturday the AGM will be held at Lethbridge Airfield. It would be great if you can attend. Lethbridge Airfield 18 October 2014 2.00pm to 3.00pm Hope to see you there. Jim Tatlock. Treasurer.
  10. Mike, Good on you for putting this post up. In my time I have come across a few pilots that when talking too have indicated similar feelings to yourself. At least one of them gave up flying. I think if you are having rservations it is wise to take a break and talk it through with friends, other pilots or a professional. I go on the concept if it is not fun don't do it. On a few occasions I have hopped into friends planes and gone for a fly and experienced an un-easy feeling that they really arn't fully flying the plane to a level I am comfortable with. Needless to say I don't climb in again. Some days I just don't feel like flying and choose NOT to fly on these days. Wish you the best. Have a chat to a few instructors might help. Never feel pressured to fly!! Regards, Jim Tatlock.
  11. I read via google that a chopper did a sweep with magnetron recently. Do not know the result. Also it looks like ATSB recently did something with the file in June 2014. https://au.news.yahoo.com/sunday-night/features/a/24046608/part-one-finding-vh-mdx/
  12. Ladies and gents, RAAus has two trained investigator consultants working with the SA police to determine the most likely cause. If any information comes that we can legally release to the membership we will ASAP. From photos and locations items have been observed it is suspected the aircraft suffered a significant failure. What caused the failure is not yet determined. Regards, Jim Tatlock RAAus board executive.
  13. Hello all, I'm guessing most here are L2's. I just want to place my personal view point on this issue. Firstly I don't believe Darren Tech Manager will insist you perform 4 x annuals. The letter specifically mentions "Exemptions may be approved via agreement". If you send your office copy of work performed in I am sure it would be reviewed and if it demonstrates currency then presto you have a renewed L2. I spoke to Darren yesterday and today and he re-in force the above. If you are active I see no obstacle to getting l2 renewed via agreement with tech. Jim Tatlock.
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