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  1. Ah that makes sense. Does that mean they can't use it as an active on maintenance days? Or do they just postpone maintenance till the wind changes?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I've gotta do it in front of a class (year 11), so is there something that's possibly more simplistic that they may have a chance of understanding? :p
  3. I have to do a presentation on an issue of choice that has occurred since September last year. I have found the fuel one but don't know how old it is and don't particularly want to do it. Anyone have any good topic ideas?
  4. Does anyone know any of the details of the runway works currently being done on runway 9/27. NOTAM's say that ATC require at least 30 mins warning for use of taxiways. Slightly confused :confused:
  5. yeah Glenn i arrived about 5:15 and saw it depart then so hmmm!! but that could well and truly be the case. hahaha ben. i wouldn't mind heading out in summer and try and get some good shots!!
  6. Okay. What were you doing out there? My photos aren't good according to airliners.net standards so I don't know what i'm doing wrong haha.
  7. Was it wet today out there? i haven't looked. But i mean this was in the wet that's what gets me!!
  8. Well it was a loaded flight. Don't know where it was off to though. May only have been Singapore, or the domestic services Qantas put in on the A380 so it wasn't full of fuel... it remains a mystery..
  9. So, I was coming back from Brisbane the other day and arrived in Melbourne in the rain. I saw a Qantas A380 taxiing to rwy 27. Now I didn't think the A380 could get off rwy27 in the dry, let alone get off in the pouring rain using only 2/3 of the runway. Does someone wanna explain? :tongue:
  10. On September the 19th Boeing is going to deliver its first 747-800F freighter to Corgolux at the Paine field in Everett. Cagolux is to receive its second of 13 aircraft two days later on September 21:smile:
  11. That is the other side of the coin that is true, but Qantas is so well known as it is it's 'Kangaroo route', I still don't see why they'd drop out just yet.:confused:
  12. I really don't agree with what Qantas are doing to their international sector. I don't see what's wrong with it. "If it ain't broke don't fix it"
  13. That's incredible for that period of time. Yeah I've tried setting it up in Melbourne before but couldn't get it drawing the lines on the map. It's been a while since I last tried anyway. Do you know where the tutorials are? Yeah I've got one as well, although very cheap and the signals not overly good. I'm looking at getting a stronger aerial; do you know where I can get one from?
  14. That is nuts. Over what period of time were all those trackings? Also, I've tried using planeplotter before and never had much success. Any tips? you can email me too at [email protected] James
  15. I myself am not yet a licensed pilot, as I am still saving up the funds, but I get the Australian Aviation magazine monthly and I read through the AirTest section where they test an aircraft. Some things that I personally like to see are: - an uncluttered cockpit. Make sure the cockpit is well organised and laid out purposefully, don't just throw gauges anyway. - good speed. Definately an aircraft that has a cruise speed of 100+ knots. If it also has slow stall speeds it can be great for learning pilots as they have a larger margin for error (which can sometimes be a bad thing!!) - manouverability. If you can make it manouverable it can again be good for learning pilots. I personally prefer a digital cockpit, without going too advanced with the PFD and nav displays but in the end it's up to you. Good luck :biggrin: James
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