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  1. willedoo

    New Iranian fighter

    News item on Iran's new Kowsar fighter. It looks very F-5 like, most likely the Saeqeh re-designed back to the original F-5 tail. I'd assume it has a lot of Russian and/or Chinese components and systems. The bang seats in the video appear to be a Russian K-36D variant. Just guessing for the engines that they would have a stock of GE J85 ECU's from their Northrup F-5's. PressTV-Iran unveils first domestic fighter jet
  2. willedoo

    Throttle Jocky

    A bit like landing on a postage stamp.
  3. willedoo

    Photo thread for the heck of it

    Boats in Vietnam made from American aircraft drop tanks.
  4. willedoo

    DB-3 recovery

    Peter, that was the Zveno project. I guess at that stage it had a limited future with in flight re-fueling just round the corner. I think that one in your photo at the Monino Air Force Museum is the only survivor. Cheers, Willie.
  5. willedoo

    DB-3 recovery

    The pilot's body was recovered as well, but no mention of the other crew members. It's been an ongoing dig for a couple of years.
  6. Photos of some of the gear recently recovered from a WW2 crash site. The Ilyushin DB-3 was located in a swamp after 76 years in the mud.
  7. willedoo

    Photo thread for the heck of it

    You beat me to it, Peter. I was going to ask where the photo was taken. The rise in land height sparked the interest.
  8. willedoo

    Photo thread for the heck of it

    A couple of favourites:
  9. willedoo

    More Spitfire stuff from the DM

    This is an interesting article about the almost 3,000 Hurricanes operated by the Soviets. Describes a lot of the modifications and variants. Soviet Hawker Hurricane Specials
  10. willedoo

    Aviation Porn

    Su-57 underside.
  11. willedoo

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Peter, I'd guess that's phonetic, as E in Russian is pronounced Ye. eg: the name Elena is pronounced Yelena . I've noticed in a quite a few publications, that they translate designations to the pronunciation rather than the spelling. I think it happens when Russians translate the document to English. They take it a bit literally and then a third party will translate that to their language, thus extending the mis-interpretation.
  12. willedoo

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Spot on. The E-152A, designed by the MiG bureau, NATO recognition name Flipper. The technology was transferred to China where quite a few years later it went into production as the J-8.
  13. willedoo

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    The block pattern ramp probably gives away the country of origin of this X Plane. Twin engined heavy interceptor; it did more than 40 test flights. Eventually adopted by another country as a production aircraft. One interesting feature; the shock cone is fixed. Intake air is regulated by an axially translatable nose cone ring.