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  1. willedoo

    The Russians really were aviation pioneers

    I like the way they design a lot of gear to handle their rough conditions.
  2. Tornado on Saturday in Turkey:
  3. willedoo

    Tu-22 Crash Landing

    Not sure what happened to the live video link. It worked for a while then stopped. Still on youtube though. It looks like the tail struck just before the main gear. It's one of the older, non upgraded ones - some airframe fatigue in the mix possibly. According to wiki, they are 58 tonnes empty weight, 112 loaded and it landed hard.
  4. willedoo

    Tu-22 Crash Landing

    This video has emerged of a Tupolev Tu-22M3 that crash landed in the Murmansk region on January 22nd.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=12&v=o7CjoSZqh3c
  5. willedoo

    An-225 flight to Perth

    20 minute video by a German journalist embedded on the An-225 flight from Prague to Perth:
  6. willedoo

    Svetlana Kapanini Aerobatics

    Phil, I'm not an aerobatic pilot or a female, but Svetlana Kapinina in the video has a five way seat restraint harness and what looks like a parachute harness under that. If they're tightened up correctly, that should do the job of any sport bra.
  7. willedoo

    Su-57's to get hypersonic missiles

    It would be interesting to see how the size reduction affects the range. On the subject of Russian aircraft, not the Su-57, but some good footage of a Su-25 and Su-34 on a recent training exercise:
  8. It would be good to see no. 2 fly after gathering dust over all those years. Before their fall out in 2014, there were plans to build new An-124's as a joint Ukrainian/Russian venture with the plant to be located in Russia. That went by the wayside and now the Russians are looking into building them on their own. Problem is that the Antonov plant was moved from Russia to Ukraine in the 50's, and after the breakup of the Union, it became Ukrainian property along with all the documentation and patents. Ukraine is now saying that they will take legal action if necessary to stop Russia from building the 124. As the world economy grows, there would probably be enough work for two 225's.
  9. willedoo

    New Iranian fighter

    News item on Iran's new Kowsar fighter. It looks very F-5 like, most likely the Saeqeh re-designed back to the original F-5 tail. I'd assume it has a lot of Russian and/or Chinese components and systems. The bang seats in the video appear to be a Russian K-36D variant. Just guessing for the engines that they would have a stock of GE J85 ECU's from their Northrup F-5's. PressTV-Iran unveils first domestic fighter jet
  10. willedoo

    Throttle Jocky

    A bit like landing on a postage stamp.
  11. At first glance, they look very similar to a Qantas tail.
  12. willedoo

    Photo thread for the heck of it

    Boats in Vietnam made from American aircraft drop tanks.
  13. willedoo

    DB-3 recovery

    Peter, that was the Zveno project. I guess at that stage it had a limited future with in flight re-fueling just round the corner. I think that one in your photo at the Monino Air Force Museum is the only survivor. Cheers, Willie.
  14. willedoo

    DB-3 recovery

    The pilot's body was recovered as well, but no mention of the other crew members. It's been an ongoing dig for a couple of years.