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  1. willedoo

    An-225 flight to Perth

    20 minute video by a German journalist embedded on the An-225 flight from Prague to Perth:
  2. willedoo

    Svetlana Kapanini Aerobatics

    Phil, I'm not an aerobatic pilot or a female, but Svetlana Kapinina in the video has a five way seat restraint harness and what looks like a parachute harness under that. If they're tightened up correctly, that should do the job of any sport bra.
  3. willedoo

    Su-57's to get hypersonic missiles

    It would be interesting to see how the size reduction affects the range. On the subject of Russian aircraft, not the Su-57, but some good footage of a Su-25 and Su-34 on a recent training exercise:
  4. It would be good to see no. 2 fly after gathering dust over all those years. Before their fall out in 2014, there were plans to build new An-124's as a joint Ukrainian/Russian venture with the plant to be located in Russia. That went by the wayside and now the Russians are looking into building them on their own. Problem is that the Antonov plant was moved from Russia to Ukraine in the 50's, and after the breakup of the Union, it became Ukrainian property along with all the documentation and patents. Ukraine is now saying that they will take legal action if necessary to stop Russia from building the 124. As the world economy grows, there would probably be enough work for two 225's.
  5. willedoo

    New Iranian fighter

    News item on Iran's new Kowsar fighter. It looks very F-5 like, most likely the Saeqeh re-designed back to the original F-5 tail. I'd assume it has a lot of Russian and/or Chinese components and systems. The bang seats in the video appear to be a Russian K-36D variant. Just guessing for the engines that they would have a stock of GE J85 ECU's from their Northrup F-5's. PressTV-Iran unveils first domestic fighter jet
  6. willedoo

    Throttle Jocky

    A bit like landing on a postage stamp.
  7. At first glance, they look very similar to a Qantas tail.
  8. willedoo

    Photo thread for the heck of it

    Boats in Vietnam made from American aircraft drop tanks.
  9. Photos of some of the gear recently recovered from a WW2 crash site. The Ilyushin DB-3 was located in a swamp after 76 years in the mud.
  10. willedoo

    DB-3 recovery

    Peter, that was the Zveno project. I guess at that stage it had a limited future with in flight re-fueling just round the corner. I think that one in your photo at the Monino Air Force Museum is the only survivor. Cheers, Willie.
  11. willedoo

    DB-3 recovery

    The pilot's body was recovered as well, but no mention of the other crew members. It's been an ongoing dig for a couple of years.
  12. willedoo

    Photo thread for the heck of it

    You beat me to it, Peter. I was going to ask where the photo was taken. The rise in land height sparked the interest.
  13. willedoo

    Photo thread for the heck of it

    A couple of favourites:
  14. willedoo

    More Spitfire stuff from the DM

    This is an interesting article about the almost 3,000 Hurricanes operated by the Soviets. Describes a lot of the modifications and variants. Soviet Hawker Hurricane Specials
  15. willedoo

    Aviation Porn

    Su-57 underside.
  16. willedoo

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Peter, I'd guess that's phonetic, as E in Russian is pronounced Ye. eg: the name Elena is pronounced Yelena . I've noticed in a quite a few publications, that they translate designations to the pronunciation rather than the spelling. I think it happens when Russians translate the document to English. They take it a bit literally and then a third party will translate that to their language, thus extending the mis-interpretation.
  17. willedoo

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Spot on. The E-152A, designed by the MiG bureau, NATO recognition name Flipper. The technology was transferred to China where quite a few years later it went into production as the J-8.
  18. willedoo

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    The block pattern ramp probably gives away the country of origin of this X Plane. Twin engined heavy interceptor; it did more than 40 test flights. Eventually adopted by another country as a production aircraft. One interesting feature; the shock cone is fixed. Intake air is regulated by an axially translatable nose cone ring.
  19. willedoo

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Peter, you were right in the first instance as well. The VVA-14 was designed as a prototype VTOL anti- missile carrying submarine platform. It had two top mounted forward thrust engines (same family as the MiG-21 and Il-76) and twelve lifting turbojets. It also had inflatable floats. It never did achieve VTOL capability and was eventually abandoned as a project. The first prototype never had the lifting engines fitted and was eventually modified for use as a ground effect Ekranoplan designated VVA-14M1P. Photo below gives a good view of the inflatable floats (replaced by metal in the Ekranoplan). I think this hull at Monino museum might be the remains of the Ekranoplan version.
  20. willedoo

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    That's it, Peter. Sometimes referred to as the MiG-1.44.
  21. Phil, I'd guess the two were quite an even match, as you say. By the time we had the Meteors in the Korean War, they were outclassed, but 77 Squadron did a mighty job with what they had. The Meteor can claim the world's first combat ejection using an ejection seat when W.O. Ron Guthrie ejected from his Meteor after being shot down by a Russian MiG-15 pilot. He bailed out with the Martin Baker MK.1E seat, which was the first generation, pre automation MB seat. The only automatic feature was the static line activated drogue gun which deployed the drogue chute. After that, it was all manual - undo the seat restraint belts, push yourself away from the seat then head on down. Options were to ride the seat to a more oxygen friendly altitude of around 10,000 feet before seat separation, or to separate early and freefall if you had the skill. Ron Guthrie chose the third option and separated from the seat at high altitude, pulled the D ring and got a canopy happening at an altitude in the high thirties. His theory was to try and drift out into the bay and get picked up by friendly forces, but the wind didn't go his way and he was captured. The MK.2 modification didn't come along until the end of the war, but it provided barometric controlled seat belt release, seat separation, and personal recovery chute deployment. This was a big step, as a pilot could be injured or unconscious after ejection and still survive.
  22. willedoo

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    This one should be relatively easy - not a production aircraft.
  23. willedoo

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    No. 4 would have to be Rockwell.