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  1. European aerospace giant Airbus said Thursday that it would stop building its A380 superjumbo, the double-decker jet which earned plaudits from passengers but failed to win over enough airlines to justify its massive costs. The final two double-deckers will be delivered in 2021, just 14 years after the first A380 went into service, after the Dubai-based Emirates decided to reduce its total orders by 39 planes, Airbus said. It marks a disappointing end to a bold bet on how millions of people would travel in the future, as airlines struggled to fill a plane capable of carrying anywhere from 500 to 850 people. "Without Emirates, Airbus has no substantial order backlog and no basis to sustain A380 production after 2021," Guillaume Faure, who is taking over as Airbus CEO from Tom Enders this spring, said in a conference call. Airbus had at one point chalked up over 320 orders for the superjumbo, which has a list price of $446 million -- though the company often had to offer substantial discounts. Analysts had warned that Airbus wouldn't start to recover the roughly 25 billion euros in investment and production costs unless at least 400 planes were sold, and possibly up to 600. Airbus itself never disclosed how many planes it needed to sell to break even, a growing concern among analysts as technical problems and delivery delays piled up. With the reduced orders from Emirates, the A380's biggest client, Airbus said its order book now stood at just 274 planes. - 'Sad day' - The A380's demise is a stark admission of defeat in the race against US rival Boeing, which had pointedly dismissed Airbus's bet that airlines wanted huge transporters serving a handful of global hubs. Most airlines are instead using traditional -- and less costly -- jets to offer more direct flights between more cities. Airbus had already warned last year that the A380 programme could be scrapped if no new orders came in. It later received a lifeline when Emirates ordered 36 more A380s, but on Thursday Airbus said the airline had balked and would buy smaller A330 and A350 models instead. After just 10 deliveries last year, Airbus will build eight this year, seven in 2020 and the final two in 2021. "The A380 is a world-class feat of engineering, much loved by passengers, and we are obviously saddened that deliveries will come to an end," said Chris Cholerton, head of civil aerospace at Rolls-Royce, one of the A380's engine suppliers. Airbus workers in Britain, where the plane's wings are manufactured, and in France where the jet is assembled, also expressed regret over the programme's demise. The plane-maker has promised that the 3,000-3,500 workers employed on the superjumbo will be moved to other projects. But Rhys McCarthy of Britain's Unite union said it was nonetheless "a sad day" for its UK employees. "It is a much-loved aircraft manufactured by a highly skilled workforce," he said. Jean-Fran�ois Knepper of France's Force Ouvriere union said that although rumours that the programme was set to be scrapped had been swirling at the assembly plant it Toulouse "everyone was hoping for a miracle". Winding up the programme cut Airbus's 2018 earnings by 463 million euros, but it still posted a 29 percent surge in net profit to three billion euros. Airbus said it expects to deliver 880 to 890 planes this year after 800 last year, reflecting steady demand for the A320, the workhorse midsize jet for short and medium-range flights. It is also targeting more clients for its long-haul A350.
  2. red750

    Bloody PTV.

    You're probably wondering why Public Transport Victoria are copping a blast on this forum. In a couple of weeks time, a major international event takes place - the Avalon International Airshow. Thousands of people travel to this event, many on the public display day, Sunday. If they want to visit the exhibits and walk around the static displays before the flying program, they need to be there by at least 9.00 o'clock. Traffic and parking are so horrendous, most travel by train and bus. People from the eastern suburbs, the Ringwood, Caulfield and Sandringham lines, have to travel through Flinders St Station and then from Southern Cross (Spencer St), on the Geelong line to Lara, where they change to a bus for Avalon Airport. So they need to catch the train at Southern Cross by about 8.00 am. But according to the PTV Trip Planner, in their infinite wisdom, there are no trains from Flinders Street to Southern Cross until 9.00 o'clock on a Sunday. Trip Advisor instructs to get off the train at Flinders Street, walk to Collins Street and catch a tram to Southern Cross. What a public relations stuffup. If we end up going it will be on Saturday. However, the Avalon Airshow is not the only major international event affected by this ridiculous planning. The same applies to the F1 Grand Prix - on race day no less!
  3. red750

    Are you happy?

    Ian, if there is one thing I would like that was on the old site, and is now on What's Up, is the views count on topics. It is often difficult to know if anyone has read a topic, especially when no replies have been posted.
  4. red750

    Tell us about your last flight

    Love that B-19. That's what I learnt in.
  5. red750

    You're never too old!!

    Good on him for passing the medical. Some folks are lucky. Here I go again about videos! I received one of a guy 101 years old going on a first date. The woman, in her 60's or 70's couldn't believe it. She thought he was in his early 80's.
  6. When you post on a topic and want to go back to your post, or want to go to the last post on a topic, particularly one with a few pages, you can jump straight to the last post on that topic. On the What's New (All) page, the number of posts on each topic is shown against the summary (see below). Clicking on this number jumps you to the last post.
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    NEW Video Library Implemented

    To view the full image top to bottom, you have to enter Full Screen,mode, ditching the forum header and footer, at least I do on my laptop. Viewing with header and footer, you either cut off the controls at the bottom, or top of heaads, title etc. at the top.Even reducing screen resolution to 50% does not correct that.
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    Guess This Aircraft ?

    And post #1467 is....??
  9. A female pilot with 12 years experience made a successful forced landing on hard sand at Blacksmith's Beach after experiencing engine problems. The plane was towed clear of the waterline and will be dismantled and removed. The pilot was uninjured.
  10. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Yes, Jungmeister, but modified as the Lamb CJ-1. And Roundsounds plane is a GY-80 Gardan Horizon, as djpacro said.
  11. I'd like that option on What's Up, I get lots of funny videos by email. I wouldn't post many, but the occasional one is worth sharing.
  12. Does this include mp4 videos from iPhone?
  13. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Aveko designed and originally produced this aircraft, which is now produced by JFM Aircraft. This one is registered as a JFM Evolution.
  14. After taking the photo of the Learjet crossing the road at YMEN (see Media section), I proceeded along Wirraway Road towards the tower. A couple of minutes later I saw a Skycrane water bomber depart towards the city. I wonder if it was the one that crashed into a dam later in the night. Two pilots and the engineer escaped by swimming to the shore.
  15. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Another seven day test. This time, Lambert Mission M108.
  16. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Correct, right down to the rego.
  17. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    That's right, PMC.
  18. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Seven days are up,so here is the answer. Kit Aircraft Super Prospector.
  19. red750

    Tu-22 Crash Landing

    Copy the link and paste into address bar. Works that way. Looked OK till it broke in half. Snow was pretty bad though.
  20. You're not wrong Nev. First solo navex can be challenging. Leading up to first solo you will have made the trip to and from the training area a number of times, but with a navex, you do it once with the instructor, then do it solo, but in the opposite direction. Things look quite different then, when you are over unfamiliar territory. Then there is, or was when I learnt, the final five hour solo navex. A lot of things can happen in five hours - wind changes, weather changes, etc., and you can have system failures, like my five hour solo, miles from any familiar landmarks, and the directional gyro goes on the blink. You have to navigate using the magnetic compass, and trying to follow a bouncing ball in fluid type compass when the plane is bouncing around like a bucking bronco is no easy task for a novice.
  21. red750

    Aircraft Question

    AIRCRAFT QUESTION As clever as you might be, I’ll be surprised if you actually get this right but you will get it once you see the answer. They say it is common sense but here is a Clue: Just remember that a helicopter's blade (in cross-section) is shaped like an airplane's wing, and both catch air giving lift. Now answer the question…. This should be an easy quiz for those who have even a modicum of knowledge about aircraft. However, the answer may surprise you. The Question: "What is the primary advantage of rotary winged aircraft over fixed-winged aircraft?" I got it wrong, too! Bugger it!
  22. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    I'll have to make the next batch tougher. Correct again.
  23. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Good for you, 440032. You're right.