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  1. Hello we are looking for info about T300/500 thrusters and parts to keep the Thruster legacy alive in this part of the country.

    Currently fly a 912 powered T300 and have a T500 in the hanger for maintenance.

    There are a number of thrusters flying in this area with a couple more that could be.

    Would love to have the TOSG bulletins, wish I had of been collecting them back in the day.

    Is there any Pods, doors, upper consoles out there or even a swift pod??BA90630A-695D-4C49-803A-D16CD679E633.jpeg.b6c80c69ebea44480e683819a0c34c80.jpeg9B8CF211-1EE2-471E-B993-116220908F8D.jpeg.eb6abb037a4a6e3894ea9f75fa2add9f.jpeg821EE6E3-0AF1-4FB3-90E5-1F3A85F59162.jpeg.fe2790e0f1e3f3ad477deaeecc84c6f7.jpegBB90B053-C219-4531-900B-CB9EF1D9E538.thumb.jpeg.ad31838d07fecfcaf2c8e375e9f43264.jpegB4948E48-263C-4770-B7AB-AE0DE0974D75.thumb.jpeg.271579b3427b36adddd2fdfebd405d9d.jpeg

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