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  1. Hi all,


    I'm finishing up my IREX in the next few weeks and wondering if anyone has some suggestions for any good IR instructors based in or around Melbourne?


    I have a couple of options already but they might not be able to fit me in any time soon. I've also tried Steve at Peter Bini but he is booked solid for the next few months.





  2. If you have a fairly decent broadband speed and you want to part with $12 (USD $10), you can pick up a downloadable copy of FSX from Steam. They are having a sale on at the moment. In case you can't find the disk's.



  3. Hey,


    Let me save you some cash here. Proflight simulator is just a rebranding of flightgear flight simulator.


    If you do some goggle searches you'll find some history, but basically some one has taken the flightgear simulator (which is free) and rebranded it. Hey can do this because flightgear is made under an open source licence, which means anyone can take the source program code and do slight modification then rebrand and sell it off. Bit unethical but not illegal.


    My advice would be to head over to flightgear and download it from them. It's the same product, but with better support and better designed/modelled aircraft.


    As to a Jabiru, the best one I've seen, and used, is the Jabiru by Iris flight simulation. Software. It's for FSX but pretty realistic.





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  4. Hi all,


    Was at an avsafety seminar last night and wondered if others had heard of the proposed change to the southern step of Melbourne controlled airspace, in particular dropping the 2500' step from point almond across to BOM tower down to 2000'?


    First I heard of it but we were told that Airservices had been already consultation with industry on this one.


    2017-2 - VIC RAPAC Minutes - Civil Aviation Safety Authority


    Civil Aviation Safety Authority › file › download





  5. Hi gents,


    One thing to point out here, and has been mentioned elsewhere, the difference between EFB and moving map GPS. The charts and documents are an approved replacement for paper copies, the issue is really using the GPS side of things. If this was to be disabled during training then you could use the EFB much the same way as paper.


    But even if the GPS is on, it can be used to supplement DR navigation. Just need to have an instructor who can understand the balance between the two.


    Best article I've seen about this is on the ozrunways blog, link below, scroll down to the question


    "But I heard we can’t use OzRunways as the primary means of navigation, how can it be legal?"


    Replacing paper – Sources of aeronautical information and primary means of navigation: what are the rules?



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  6. That's fair enough! Yeah for me it would be a no brainer as around here it's 50-100 bucks difference, so I wouldn't have to do many RA flights a year to be saving money, but if the margins are that small, and no options near by ...I'd probably let it lapse and reactivate when you do want it tbh - their membership fee is one of those numbers that's small when your flying, pretty huge when you're not. If you can that is; their website seems to be down for me right now lol.

    Yeah that's what I'm thinking.


    At the stage now where the CPL is just about done and dusted now just need an inexpensive way to continue flying when I need that monthly hit.



  7. Thanks all for the responses. Appreciate it.


    The bristell is technically used by tvsa's RA school which is Leading Edge Aviation and the rates are on that website.


    I'm actually a member down at Point Cook and can hire a 152 or 172 for $130 and $180 respectfully. I had been also hiring from Lilydale at $110 for the jabs but it's a bit of a drive to get there and sometimes they're free other times they're booked out.


    So the background to my question is to whether I keep up my RA membership. I really want to support RA flying yet when cost is a factor to considering nonflying commitments(house, child, wife etc), and there are GA options cheaper than RA, really starting weigh up the options.



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  8. Hi all,


    Looking for advise from those in the Melbourne area on somewhere to private hire an RA-reg aircraft? Been finding that a lot of school based aircraft are tied up with training (not surprising) and so not really available for private use.


    I know of the usual places like Lilydale, Tyabb, tooradin, Lethbridge but wondering if there is maybe a hidden gem sitting somewhere around the traps.





  9. In regards to the military option, there is one thing to remember. If you make it in, you'll be a military officer first and a pilot second. Meaning the needs of the ADF come before flying. So if he's keen to serve as well as fly, then that's good. But if not, that is if it's just about wanting to fly, then focus on the civilian side of things.


    As said before start with some RA Aus flying then head down a 200hr CPL (more flexible and cheaper in the long run)



  10. Two other things to consider. You mentioned that you would prefer to be doing the flights in your own aircraft, which means your other option is to hire. In that case you would need to run this by the owner/school etc. Their ops manual might have a condition on that type of flight.


    The other thing is to think about the intention of the flight. If you are intending to do the flight regardless of who tags along, then that would lean towards private commute, but if you start to operate more like a service to others, that would lean more to a commercial flight in a grey area legally.


    Just my thoughts



  11. Don't be to concerned with how long it will take you to solo. Enjoy the experience.


    I also was only able to swing about a lesson a week, and it took me 30hours to get to solo. Part of that was cancellations due to weather, other commitments on a weekend, both of which help you lose your flow.


    But looking back one of my problems was performance anxiety. I thought that I had to be at a certain stage by a certain amount of hours and when I didn't reach those milestones at a certain number of hours I would doubt my ability (crosswind was my achellies heel) and that would make for a average lesson the next week.


    The biggest thing was to have supportive instructors. After a frustrating lesson I actually got a phone call from the CFI who gave me a big of a pep talk telling me to hang in there, and sure enough about 3-5hours later I was solo.



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  12. Both types have their pros and cons. Good to learn both and ultralight vs 'GA' is really an apples and oranges kind of thing (or should it be feather and brick)


    Being back and forth between a Jab and an Arrow proved that. The Jab is fun trying to get back down on the ground sometimes, with the Arrow, it's trying to keep it up :)



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  13. Hi,


    Thus has been discussed before on another thread on this site, but under part 61, there is no distinction made between RA and VH registered aircraft, you can use either, as long as the aircraft is 3 axis. Also the hours are only under the non integrated CPL.


    However from a practical point of view you have to think about what aircraft you are using for CPL hour building. If you wanted to be an instructor, then a good mix of RA and VH is good as you can be both a GA and RA instructor, but if it's charter looking to RPT then more time in VH might be what a potential employer wants.


    Finishing off my CPL at them moment so have spent a bit of time researching this.



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  14. Could have also been a bit of wind shear.


    Years ago, coming into Moorabbin in a 152, I was coming in to 35L which had a bit of crosswind from the left. As I was just about to cross the threshold, I could feel the wind just die away and the aircraft start to drop. Corrected quickly with a bit of power and nose down and all was good. Instructor commented after that the buildings on the left side of the airport acted as a wind break reducing the wind strength.


    Could be the same with that tree line along the highway.



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