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  1. Wow. Who dug this 10 year old thread up?
  2. Because some people don't report their issues, which makes it easy for the manufacturer to claim that you are the only one to have the problem.
  3. I would suggest that cracks in a new windscreen is far from "normal" and would be considered a deviance. The resulting failure certainly leads one to think the stop drilling was a bandaid that did not work. Normalization of deviance is not only applied to the operator, but the manufacturer also if they were prepared to allow stop drilling in a new windscreen as a means.
  4. Pre existing cracks. Classic example of "normalisation of deviance" it seems.
  5. The problem is, everyone with a ticket suddenly becomes an instructor and the quality of responses diminishes within a few posts. I very rarely if ever offer advice to students in public anymore.
  6. Its all about Data. Data used to help manufacturers, maintainers, operators and pilots have a better understanding of possible issues and failures of their machines. Defect reports are another way of doing it without the need for the IRM, or RRM route. Defect reports to the RAA help gain a clearer picture of whats happening out there. Nobody benefits if nothing is ever said or done about these problems.
  7. Not even going to justify that rediculous statement with a response. I will however be happy to guide you to the regulations regarding reportable matters if you like, we wouldn't want you getting in any trouble mate
  8. Calm down frank. we aren't talking about emptying a fuel bowl. But if you run out of fusl, it is a reportable incident, would you like the link to the Reg? Engine failures are mandatory also, know anynone that has had an engine failure and not reported it frank? I do, wink bloody wink old son;)
  9. Bruce, you are required to report this, regardless of what the cause was. Suggest you make a report now, better late than never :)
  10. Bruce. The phantom 3 used in this video weighs about 1.5 kilos. The normal ball peon hammer you have in your shed weighs 1kg. Imagine your wife is driving down the freeway and someone drops a hammer from the bridge onto her windscreen. Is that an acceptable risk? Phantom in flight failures are much much much more likely than bein hit by lightening. The risk this drone pilot posed to the general public is NOT acceptable. Not by anybody who understands them and certainly not by casa. If we could ban lightening strikes over populated areas we would ;)
  11. We train all over Aus :) In Melbourne tomorrow, Perth next week, Back to Sydney after that.