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  1. I think the public should be able to find out accident causes so people can learn from others mistakes, or may use a LAME instead of reading some books or using hear-say and doing specialised work on their aircraft that might affect the airworthyness of the aircraft just to save a few bucks. All our rules and regs were payed for in blood so I dont understand why RA doesnt do the same as CASA safety magazine and make public when appropiate the findings. If someone reads something and changes their mind and it saves their life then its a successfull outcome. Education is a good thing, RA cone of silence on this and other internal issues really is unnecessary in my opinion.
  2. You will need a PPL for more then 1 passenger. If your interested in buying a plane get it before training and pay for the instructer only which should save a few bucks, Maybe ? If it was me id get a 3 seater and aerobatic like the Fugi so you can have a cruiser for journeys and a aerobatic plane for the afterwork excitement.
  3. Flying in Perth, Superlight Aircraft Club at Bindoon has just about everything.(only fly on weekends due to Millitary Airspace). You Have microlights and 3 axis at Whitegum Farm at York You have the Ultralight Flyers club at Callingri ( Drifters. Rag And Tube) again in Millitary airspace. Western Microlight Club in Bunbury. There the main ones.
  4. Yeah i saw that one before. All they say is they supplied GPS results to RA Investigators,not an actual finding. There must be something available as RA have been responseable for recreational accident investigations for years but I am unable to find conclusion reports.
  5. Does anyone know how to find outcomes from RA investigated accidents. The actual one im wondering about was a fatality in Dec 2007 from Bindoon 2 people in a Sportstar 24-4148. Some say the wing came off,some say the prop came off. Anyone know more ?
  6. Sounds like a great day. You Queenslanders are lucky with all the fly-ins. Nearly one every weekend. Did you get any pictures.
  7. oh dear, The aircraft is in the latest RA mag for sale.
  8. Very lucky boy. Nothing but tiger country all around there,as well as flying low due to controlled airspace. Pretty scary 80km trip till you get to York and paddocks hey.
  9. I would be calling Jabiru,sending the engine to them for a complete strip and inspection (at their cost) and they can report to you whether the engine failed due to incorrect maintanence or other reasons. Only then will you know the reason for the failure. It is a worry why these engines ar'nt making 400 hours,most second hand planes for sale have a new engine fitted at some stage. Does'nt look good for Jabiru, but if the aircraft is maintained incorrectly by the owner then one could understand. I know that this is not the case for you because you must use a lame. I guess the only way you will find out if your engine is being maintained correctly is if you have Jabiru do the strip down and report. Chris
  10. And if there,s no ocean where there once was one then head for the hills real quick.
  11. Well how do all the council,CALM,Station strips get away with it. White crosses, hmm, what if you damage your aeroplane at your own strip, your in hospital, the assesor see's white crosses that would = no payout I would imagine. Probably not a good idea.
  12. Probably wouldn't even have time to flip the bird at them as they went by.
  13. Burlc


    One thing I learnt is read, understand and most importantly "believe" the Area Forecast. I understand CASA has a DVD out on weather. Has anyone viewed this? I would love to see a dvd on different clouds and weather systems that is instructional.ie with this type of cloud this spot here and here will be mod to sev turbulance. rather then learning through experience. Same goes with mechanial turbulance off mountains etc How high over hills or mountains to be out of the turbulance. Then you see the glider guys using the lift off terrain and the Morning Glory cloud in Queensland they chase every year. I look at the footage of this in amazement and some fear due to a lack of understanding on where the lifting air is to where the danger on the lee side starts. So many things to know and understand but no video footage on the subject. Unless someone knows different.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but is'nt any additional information, circuit direction, landing direction due to terrain or noise listed in ERSA. I dont know of any RPT airstrips that ar'nt listed in ERSA.
  15. Wind was calm and not a cloud in the sky today in Perth. Expect the same tomorrow.
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