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  1. Howdy Carlos, Could it be you have brake fluid instead of ATF in the brake lines? Brake fluid makes them very severe. 500 hours in my Savvy and I love the toe brakes - wouldn't change them for quids.
  2. I attended the complete GM as I wanted to see for myself how our issues were being handled. I fully understand Geoff's point of people other than himself commenting on the proceedings as he was a very large part of the meeting. As he was fairly vocal at the EGM in February he felt he needed to put up or shut up so he has taken on the job of helping in the restructure of the the Board and Management. To this he spoke at length and fielded questions from the floor. He spoke well and explained the situation and what is being done to move on. Primarily the role of the board and the role of management and the problems caused by the blurring of the two. As to correct meeting protocol and all the please and thank yous. There was a few there who wanted to micromanage the RAA from the floor with motions. I found this disturbing. This was handled fairly well by the President and finally put to bed by a wise board member pointing out the danger of tying the new GM up with restrictions in the day to day operation of the RAA, I am pleased to say that he received a round of applause. The new GM (That is right the position is no longer a CEO, this was explained during the meeting) did speak at the end for a few minutes, not the seconds reported in another post. He came across well, made no outlandish promises and pledged to do his utmost for us and our organization. A good start I think. I came away feeling that it was a positive meeting, the problems we are experiencing were explained, and that we are on the right track to sorting the issues in the future. I am glad I witnessed the meeting myself rather than relying on the interpretation of others. Mark D.
  3. Howdy Bob and Sally, How's the holiday going? Regards, Mark
    1. biggles


      G'day Mark, Not sure if I replied to you before but we are on the GoldCoast now - 27/5 and been away for 5 weeks going North as far as Cairns Jab going well as we are Regards Bob & Sally
  4. markendee

    Cutting roof panel

    Red, Do not cutted anything. A very strong advantage (among the many) of the VG over the XL is the ally roof. Just take a look at people sitting out in in the sun under plastic during summer, as a matter of fact I have even fitted a sun shade to the roof lexan of my VG. Mark
  5. I have followed this thread from the beginning and I just knew that someone would leave the playground crying. Did take longer than I thought though. Seen it too many times. Mark D
  6. For those of us interested in flying to flyins here is an early photo of the Kyabram flyin. The aircraft here are the early birds, the bulk will fly in tomorrow. Not only AAAA all sorts welcome. The atmosphere is already building and lots of fun to be had. Try and make it if you can. Mark D
  7. Great to hear David, Looking forward to that. The weather is still looking good - 90% chance of up to 1mm of rain on Saturday - perfect to settle any dust. I have just come back from the airfield and there are a dozen older planes there already. The airfield, the tents and the aircraft all look a treat. See you there, Mark D PS I hope you have managed a ride Ian - hoping to see you there
  8. Thanks for the replies fellas. Is the Gazelle grounded Ian? Don't forget you do not have to camp. A few hours would be still be fun and only a short trip from Melbourne. Weather is looking OK. Mark D
  9. Come on forum members. The Flyin at the Kyabram strip I have told you all about is a whole 73 nautical miles from Penfield. How about the Victorian members of these forums making an effort and do some flying instead of just talking about it - you may just have some fun. Perhaps Ian would like to set the example and fly in - would be fun and he wouldn't have to work like he does at the other events. Hope to see some forum people there. Mark D
  10. 78 views, one response, does anyone actually fly aeroplanes? A bloke told me when I was training all about the one in sixty rule. One minute flying and sixty hours talking about it. He could be right. See you all at the flyin. Mark
  11. No it isn't Stan. It is a one off as a return to grass strip flyins. There used to be an Airshow at Kyabram years ago but it is not used for flying now except for the odd bit of training. It is a shame as it is a very special place to fly into. Thanks for the question Stan. Mark D
  12. All welcome. Auster Rally this weekend. All types of aeroplane are welcome. Home - Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia This event is being held at the Kyabram Airfield, owned by Ernie & Dorothy Miles. (Should bring back memories of lots of good times) 09/27 820m, 18/36 520m both grass. S 36.20, E144.59 Elevation 340' Members of the Kyabram Echuca Aero Club have been busy preparing the strips, taxi ways and camping areas. There will be breakfast and lunch available Sat and Sun, buses to town on the hour and showers and toilets at the field. We would love to see you there for a few hours, a day or the weekend. If you need more information please post any questions here. I have attached a few photos taken at 6.30 Mon 18th. Mark D
  13. Mark could you please provide me with some contact details for the owner of the landing strip north of Nathalia as i am looking to fly up there for a family get togather in a couple of weeks. Regards Gary
  14. Great to hear Pete. Perhaps a nav down to Tonny in your future. BTW are you on duty at Henty next week? Mark D
  15. Great thread and thanks for all the information Jack. Mark D
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