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  1. first one is my old 40% extra 300 powered by a 3W 170cc , second one is my latest composite 40% extra 260 with a 3W 170cc, ended up in the ground after pilot error, i was too busy playing around with my smoke system hovering low to the ground ended up hitting the left elevator onto the ground locking it in the full up position and hitting an aileron on the ground i managed to pull out of the hover but coming into land it just kept wantig to roll with 1 half of the elevator still stuck in the up position and i ripped out the landing gear on landing! expensive mistake but they certainly are fun! and last pic is just mucking around down the beach with a foamy yak
  2. a guy in newzealand has one using 3W motors Model Design i would recommend them anyday, powerful and reliable (very smooth running with the twin spark versions)
  3. pundi

    Supapup for me?

    not too sure bald eagle, mine has no manual as curandero suggests mayby john cotton may be able to help you out although they didnt seem too familliar with the mk3 when i spoke to them after purchasing mine, if anyone is after a supa pup i will be flying mine to temora thursday and planning on leaving saturday, its for sale and need it sold to do some more flight training so the price is negotiable! :thumb_up:
  4. pundi

    Supapup for me?

    hey, just thought i would jump in :thumb_up: i also have a single seat supa pup for sale tt 130hrs if ur interested SUPA PUP MK3 - Classifieds (will have more upto date photos soon, will have a nice cummins spinner on over the weekend) cheers
  5. hey TOSGcentral, i have tried to send you a pm but it says your inbox is full and will not let me send it, cheers paul
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