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  1. PS I have a suitable EarthX here, used no longer in use if you want it PM
  2. As I said above....I have consistently used Lifepo batteries in aircraft for a number of years. They were of the brands Antigravity and EarthX. I have used all variants of LiPo/Lifepo4 etc in hobby use for RC aircraft for many years as well. I have had no issues with the brands I used in my aircraft but (given my experience with RC hobby batteries) would not recommend using the RC variants because you really need do need something to act as a shut off in low or high voltage or balancing cells type situations. The EarthX has a BMS inbuilt for that purpose. The best option IMHO. Unless weight is an issue (my issue) I do not think they are worth the expense/risk. If you must use one then choose the EarthX brand - very expensive but built for purpose.
  3. This is Lake Wivenhoe from the south getting close to the dam wall (it is off to the right a ways). Fires in the distance.
  4. It would be interesting to see where the MBRC claim the offence is created to allow a penalty and then where they get the power to enforce it.
  5. Tex

    Drifter Heaven

    Where did you end up getting the jury strut eye bolts from?
  6. Tex

    Jury Strut Eye Bolts

    Except the original part is actually SS and was taken from use of boat turnbuckles. I searched far and wide for these myself and could not find them the next best thing is eye bolts alluded too by OME.
  7. Weight of these? 80-85kg fitted PSRU?
  8. Look at the trailing edge of the wing. You can see the end of the battens, the black batten tips. unclip (not the tip battens) and come out of their recess in the seam at the trailing edge of the wing. As a result the trialing edge can move and luff without the restriction from the battens holding it properly. Now that is how a weight shift aircraft works, sail manipulation; move weight to one side the cross bar/keel move and the sail will respond.
  9. He didn't use his weight efficiently but they actually set up the same situation with a 'test' pilot ... locked in also and deplyed reserve succcessfully. The pilot in the video did not make it. Yes failed deployment of reserve. They aren't that hard to get out but you need to practice. Flex wings are just that. If they luff because of say G and speed, or batten failure there can be hidden dragons lurking.
  10. Tex

    Drifer Maintenance

    Dalby Air Maintenance... won't be cheap.
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