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  1. Sorry David, I see it in a number of places now. Wonder who,s eyes I was using the first read. 
    1. David 95

      David 95

      Proably Mine after  12 hr night shift, Lucky to see the front door!
  2. Hi David, the club notice accessed by the link doesn’t have the date. Cheers 
    1. David 95

      David 95

      Hi  It Does 31st March Big in Red at the top of the page, Just checked myself Just in case I had stuffed up. Cheers David  [ATTACH]38676[/ATTACH]
  3. I must apologise, It sure did not look like a 601 but there you go my eyes are getting old. My excuse and I am sticking to it.
  4. Hi it was a tail dragger and I think it was an RV I was at Gatton picking up an aircraft the day after and it was sitting in a paddock 2-3 Km from the airpark
  5. It depends if the mains are forward or aft of the c/g, If they are forward of the C/G then it is still a tail dragger. The idea of moving the tail wheel forward is to give the rudder more leverage over it and hopefully be more controllable. pretty much as Red said.I Have my doubts as too how effective it is.
  6. Hi Yah willy-willy or a rotating thermal if you like. I have encounter them at YLED and YBLT if you drive into one edge or the other you will either get a massive IAS increase with much lift, not bad that one, but the opposite is you fly into a hole and drop or stall. On variable wind or turbulent days I keep the approach seed up a bit. Cheers David
  7. HI Yah the canopy is moving a bit but it looks a lot worse in the video that in real life, but I wouldent run more than 1200 rpm cause it does get a bit wild. The canopy has had a hard life before I fitted it, It got picked up in the wind and rolled down the paddock and ended in a dam. Still polishing out the scratches. Your right about if the plane jumped the wood it could have got exciting and messy I got carried away in the moment. Thanks for your comments Cheers David
  8. Hi Guy's 19 5234 is now complete at least I think so will get the W&B and condition report done in the next week or so then will be waiting on RAA and their needs. A couple of You Tube clips you might be interested in showing her complete and running for the first time in a while about 2 years I think. Cheers David
  9. Fantastic another Morgan in the sky. Looks good too.
  10. HI Thanks for the praise but the rebuild is only engineering and time, although for the effort I could have built a kit from scratch, would have cost a bit more but. As for the test flying they are a proven design and it is built to plan, nearly, all the important parts are. So we will cross check everything and take little steps. It seems, I think that if the test is going to go pear shaped it tends to be on take off or landing so the chute is not much help. I might take a EM pack anyway but getting out of the cockpit could be fun. In my youth, in the military, Your avatar looks intriguing but can't read the sign. I have done 600+ jumps both tethered and free fall in the days when we changed from round to para-vane had some quit interesting times with bad deploys and rope overs they seem to work a lot better now days. So what am I saying, the test flight shouldn't be too much of an issue if the preparation is right and well planned. Hope so anyway. Cheers David
  11. HI The test flying is still a little way off I have to fit and final rig everything. I am going to turn it sideways in my shed and fit the wings this weekend. But Monday reality strikes and I am back to work, So time will become an issue again. At the moment the weather is to wild here in Ballarat for test flying anyway. My time line is to catch the calm weather in Autumn we get some very nice days then and I hopefully can take a week off to concentrate on the project. Will keep everyone in the loop once I get to that stage. cheers David
  12. Hi Unlocked the you-tube file hope it works now Cheers David
  13. HI Do if you guys remember Mr Mal Don't think He has posted in a while, Well he was selling a Cheetah that had, had a heavy landing. I bought it and have spent the last couple of years restoring it finished painting the fuselage to day, couple of runs but I think it came up pretty good for a non-painter. I thought you might like to see the results of my labour, The wings and elevator have been finished as well but are not in the pics I need to find a hanger space to complete the assembly and rigging then test flight that's a scary thought. Obviously the first are after the stack and the next as is today There is a you-tube like as well hopefully it will work. Cheers David
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