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  1. Hello everyone, I am the current owner of this historic Bill Starke Aircraft, but due to time issues I will be selling her soon. Anyone interested in this unique aircraft can contact me on 0410 525 062.
  2. Hi everyone.... I'm back from holidays (had enough teenage angst for a year ;-).... I spoke to Bob and let him know that several of you have tried to contact him over the holidays without success... As stated, I'm the dogs body, so I will keep going with my limited resources, and lets see were we get. Thanks Paul
  3. Bob Llewelyn ..... He originally took over from Tony Hayes, but due to other commitments got snowed under.
  4. Happening in a hap hazard way. Xmas and New year mean comms is fragmented, but with the number of calls Bob and I have recieved (And Missed), it looks like a real proposition. Everyone, keep sending the Application from the www.tosgaust.com web site...... Also, anyone with a user list etc from the past pls get it to Bob or I ASAP. Thanks Happy NEW Year to everyone and safe flying.
  5. I have reconnected the rec aviation Forum back up to www.TOSGAUST.com . Admin, could you give me a voice call on 0410525062 if possible. Thanks Paul
  6. Thanks Mate, Thanks for the reponse guys...... membership form is on the new web site under contacts...... www.tosgaust.com I have registered the domain TOSGAUST.COM, so this will do for now. If I could get any content you have that would be great. Call me on my mobile after the xmas rush. I would like to link this forum as the default forum from the web site. I have created a new one, but I would like to keep the old traffic. What do you need from me to achieve this. Regards Paul
  7. G'day Everyone, My name is Paul O'Connor, and after some consultation with BOB LLewelyn, I have relaunched the TOSG Web site from scratch. I own a T300. The new web address is: www.tosgaust.com We wish to get a current owners register going ASAP. There is a contact sheet on the new site that will send a message to bob. We are trying to get an idea of where as many Thruster are as possible, and continue the good work of Tony Hayes. The idea is that TOSG will take responsibility for TC/TAC holder for the Thruster range of Aircraft. Pls join ASAP to make this viable. I would like to also try to get a state based group going for events as well. Best Regards Paul O'Connor [email protected] 0410525062
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