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  1. BlurE

    Going bare

    Rudder pedals? Do you mean those footrest things on the floor?
  2. BlurE

    CTSW Forced landing (uk )

    I had interesting sort of related experience yesterday. 20 minutes into a 50 minute trip cruising at 4500 with tanks at; Left 15/45 Right 45/45 litres (LH was about half full when I departed) I planned to run the another 20 minutes of the trip on the LH tank but switch to RH on decent before entering the the circuit and have an almost full tank or the return trip. (this worked out well as I had a light passenger for the first leg but not the return leg) I was getting some light turbulence at 4500ft which was making my passenger uncomfortable so I decided to sneak up a bit higher. I was just on a way-point that would put me on odd levels hemispherically so I decided to look at 5500ft rather than letting down down to 3500ft. I was also watching some traffic on ozrunways that was slightly below and on an intersecting course from the right. I set up a 500ft/min climb and was watching out the RH window for the traffic (probably fixated on it to be honest) when suddenly I heard a splutter and felt a strong vibration. Now I had felt this once before in the past several years ago when I was too eager switching off a tank during a change rather than running both for a minute, so I knew exactly where to look - and yup fuel pressure bouncing on zero. I quickly open the right tap and almost instantly the pressure rose and the engine resumed normal running. (I should have put the boost pump on also) A minute later I shut off the left tank. On landing I dipped my tanks on arrival to confirm these levels were correct. Then on the return leg, just to prove a point I ran for 20 minutes on that LH tank in level flight at (6500ft) without issue. At my final destination I filled the left tank with a top up of 36 litres. Meaning about 9lt when I landed the second time. I'm a high wing - gravity fed to boost pump (off at the time) - with a brand new mechanical fuel pump (old one was time expired) I can only assume that climb attitude and mild mild turbulence unported the LH tank and let some air into the line. The thought in my mind after all this is that it would have been less fun at 500 ft!! I know there was an accident involving an Airtourer (I think) where a tank unported on take-off during circuits. But I would not have expected 15/45 litres to unport. I may have to rethink my fuel management. I do feel a bit sorry for the CT in the original story. The European 450kg certainly limits the fuel you can carry.
  3. OK, sounds like I am overreacting a little, just something I had never actually seen before. Not a bad thing to be a little cautious. I suppose given that the inlet and outlet of the gascolator are at the same level you would actually have to pretty much fill the gascolator bowl with water before any substantial amount actually went up to the carburettors. (assuming the flow rate is slow enough to allow separation) In this case I actually flew two turbulent hours between my last refuel and this sample that concerned me. Also a week of settling time in between. So I suppose it's possible this little amount of water has been in the system some time but only recently worked it's way to the bottom.
  4. Hi guys looking for some advice - as after many years of checking fuel - last night I actually did find a problem. Some background first. Not sure of the source of contamination, but I was away a few weeks ago and had to leave my aircraft tied down in some moderately heavy rain. I also flew through a number of light showers and refilled a couple of times including from a new perfectly clean plastic jerry can. My aircraft has LH and RH fibreglass wing tanks. Each feeds through independent lines from the back of the wing root through two taps before combining. There is a common drain point at the bottom of the fuselage and gascolator on the firewall. Return line to the LH tank. The tanks do not have sump valves, so all I can really check is the gascolator and therefore which ever tank is switched on. I can switch on both tanks but then they cross-feed (meaning the levels I have off the dipstick are no longer correct) Before flying I always took a sample, but it has occurred to me that I was parked on a hill so water could have been trapped away from the tank outlets when I took samples. Anyway I went to fly last night and open the opposite valve to the one I last few on. I collected about a two teaspoons (20ml) of water with a little bit of fine brown sediment. Before this my samples have always been perfectly clear (yellow 95 RON) I shook the sample and it formed spheres before resettling in the bottom of the glass. (sorry about the blury photo - some irony there..) I then took about another 500mL with no further contamination. So maybe this has all the water out. But I think I drain both tanks and the fuel lines as completely as I can - and continue checking. I might drain each wing separately and jack the aircraft so the port is at the lowest point. I think i'll all so drain from the gascolator until dry Funny thing is fuel checks were drummed into me throughout my training and early flying - but never with any real advice about an acceptable threshold or steps for rectification. Any other thoughts or ideas appreciated. Cheers
  5. Not I, simply because I haven't had a chance to follow up just yet.
  6. Thanks Blueadventures. I'll try that.
  7. Trying to get in touch with storchyneil I've tried a PM but to no avail. Does anyone have any other contact details?
  8. BlurE

    Lakes Entrance Airstrip

    I also spoke to Clem at Kalimna and that sounds like it will work out. Thank you for the tip on bairnsdale. Always nice to have options. Cheers
  9. BlurE

    ADS-B receivers

    I'll have to check that. Maybe I am blue-blue colour blind. (Don't tell CASA)
  10. BlurE

    ADS-B receivers

    I'm using a raspberry pi with OzRunways and it's really good. Rasberry Pi ADS-B receiver experiences? The only comment I have is in the way OzRunways displays traffic might be improved/clarified or prioritised. I was desperately looking out the window for an A/C the other day until i realised that he was actually at FL17. I suppose because I don't deal with FL altitudes it took my brain an extra moment to calculate what the separation really was. Currently you can't tell the difference on the OzRunways map between another OzRunways user and a proper ADS-B source, and while you want to see low down IFR, or a police helicopter, and other ADB-B compliant GA stuff. An airliner doing 350kn at FL30 is a bit of a distraction - a false positive when you are keeping an eye out for traffic that might be of concern.
  11. BlurE

    Lakes Entrance Airstrip

    Thanks Alf, I'll make some calls.
  12. BlurE

    Lakes Entrance Airstrip

    Hi guys. My wife and kids are staying a few nights in lakes entrance in early December. I was thinking about flying down to join them for the weekend. Just wondering if anyone has any updates / recent experience with the strips down that way?
  13. BlurE

    Plane crash near Stawell

    I think the Roko is in there somewhere also?
  14. BlurE

    Plane crash near Stawell

    Good point. I am sure this is true, but if I ever spun a not-spin approved aircraft I think I would want to be as far forward in CofG as allowed. I understand spin approved aircraft usually define a separate range for aerobatics or spinning. I seem to recall spinning a C152 is only allowed in the untility sub-envelope. I felt somewhat better doing (just a little) upset recovery training knowing that the aircraft was both light and forward - so if it really did get ugly I would hear "taking over" and all would be ok. What I am trying to say is that while an aircraft might fly ok and be controllable at or near the aft limit, it may not necessarily be as easy to recover from an unintended state. I think that is probably a fair generalisation. I acknowledge there are people here much, much more experienced and qualified to comment onspinning and spin recovery than I.
  15. BlurE

    Plane crash near Stawell

    My thoughts also go out to the witnesses and responders. Please be safe everyone.