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  1. Not I, simply because I haven't had a chance to follow up just yet.
  2. Thanks Blueadventures. I'll try that.
  3. Trying to get in touch with storchyneil I've tried a PM but to no avail. Does anyone have any other contact details?
  4. BlurE

    Lakes Entrance Airstrip

    I also spoke to Clem at Kalimna and that sounds like it will work out. Thank you for the tip on bairnsdale. Always nice to have options. Cheers
  5. BlurE

    ADS-B receivers

    I'll have to check that. Maybe I am blue-blue colour blind. (Don't tell CASA)
  6. BlurE

    ADS-B receivers

    I'm using a raspberry pi with OzRunways and it's really good. Rasberry Pi ADS-B receiver experiences? The only comment I have is in the way OzRunways displays traffic might be improved/clarified or prioritised. I was desperately looking out the window for an A/C the other day until i realised that he was actually at FL17. I suppose because I don't deal with FL altitudes it took my brain an extra moment to calculate what the separation really was. Currently you can't tell the difference on the OzRunways map between another OzRunways user and a proper ADS-B source, and while you want to see low down IFR, or a police helicopter, and other ADB-B compliant GA stuff. An airliner doing 350kn at FL30 is a bit of a distraction - a false positive when you are keeping an eye out for traffic that might be of concern.
  7. BlurE

    Lakes Entrance Airstrip

    Thanks Alf, I'll make some calls.
  8. BlurE

    Lakes Entrance Airstrip

    Hi guys. My wife and kids are staying a few nights in lakes entrance in early December. I was thinking about flying down to join them for the weekend. Just wondering if anyone has any updates / recent experience with the strips down that way?
  9. BlurE

    Plane crash near Stawell

    I think the Roko is in there somewhere also?
  10. BlurE

    Plane crash near Stawell

    Good point. I am sure this is true, but if I ever spun a not-spin approved aircraft I think I would want to be as far forward in CofG as allowed. I understand spin approved aircraft usually define a separate range for aerobatics or spinning. I seem to recall spinning a C152 is only allowed in the untility sub-envelope. I felt somewhat better doing (just a little) upset recovery training knowing that the aircraft was both light and forward - so if it really did get ugly I would hear "taking over" and all would be ok. What I am trying to say is that while an aircraft might fly ok and be controllable at or near the aft limit, it may not necessarily be as easy to recover from an unintended state. I think that is probably a fair generalisation. I acknowledge there are people here much, much more experienced and qualified to comment onspinning and spin recovery than I.
  11. BlurE

    Plane crash near Stawell

    My thoughts also go out to the witnesses and responders. Please be safe everyone.
  12. BlurE

    Plane crash near Stawell

    Firsly I do hope everyone recovers. I crawled through on of these Sour bristrells only a few weeks back. Very nice. Very roomy. VH registration which means RAA may not get involved. I know some people here get very upset about speculation, and while I respect that, I know it does come from genuine concern and a desire to understand. With that in mind, I will say the following stressing that it is heresay and only speculation. I heard a theory after last year's incident that a contributing factor may have been the chute, or lack there of. apparently the chute is forward of the firewall and obviously moves the CofG forward. Because chutes are mandatory in (at least in some) European countries this is the standard configuration that is tested. Of course in Australia the chute is an option. Without it the CofG goes back and ironically so do your options in an emergency. This theory came from a technical person who was requested at the scene. I also believe I know Alf witness and trust that person a a very reliable source. I can only imagine the terror for the poor occupants if this is correct. Again I hope they are ok and wish them a speedy recovery.
  13. BlurE

    Pax certification?

    Pity, a right seat wing leveler would be handy sometimes.
  14. BlurE

    Tell us about your last flight

    Curious... just what are the legalities of landing on a beach? I would love to give it a try but I have no idea what is or is not allowed. I suppose public beaches, state parts and national parks might all be different? And God help us if local councils have a say!
  15. Last week was the drug and alcohol test with CASA. Knock on the door last night. Random firearms inspection. The two ladies from Victoria Police were lovely and as I showed them I was licensed and complied fully with the secure storage requirements. Might put some scones on for the ATO. Sure they'll be around soon.