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  1. Time Left: 22 days and 8 hours

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    Garmin Aera 500 GPS complete with remote antenna, 2 spare batteries, carrying case and Manual


    Bankstown - AU

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    Icom Mobile/Base Station surplus to requirements. In good working order Includes new 12v Power Supply and remote speaker


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  3. Roscoe


  4. Dont do it! I had a C152 online at a busy school many years ago, and the maintenance costs well outstripped the revenue. Enjoy it yourself you will be much happier.
  5. Im lucky in that ive had the Microair 760 in my Jabiru last 5 years and no issues so far. There is difficulty however reading the display in bright light. Last Signal check with Centre on a recent cross country was readabilty 5. I understand the Microair Factory at Bundaberg no longer sells or support these Radios so if/when it fails I will probably go for the Trig equivalent.
  6. I’ve also had my D2 for 3 years and had a problem after 1 year where it was very slow finding satellites. Dynon advised this was a problem in Asia and Australia and fixed it with a firmware update. No problems since. You can adjust the screen brightness in the settings and i usually have mine up full!
  7. At Oshkosh this year, Dynon announced a new D3 which comes with synthetic vision and is expected to cost under $1K USD.
  8. Airventure Australia is the Cessnock thing in Sept. Ausfly is the Narromine thing in Oct. Natfly is an obsolete name
  9. So this is a completely separate event from AIRVENTURE at Cessnock a month earlier?
  10. And Jabiru offer a Cold Start kit as an option which is a must in cold weather
  11. If I am parked outside for longer than a week, I hook up a 10w Solar charger with voltage reg attached and works fine.
  12. Hi Michael I’ve been many times and am going again this year. PM me and we can catch up and perhaps meet up
  13. My Microair also has electrical type interference when receiving distant stations however on a recent trip i did a transmit check with Melbourne Centre and they received me 5X5. I find that the display is difficult to read in sunlight, and very difficult to change frequency in any sort of turbulence! I also had problems trying to speak with a tech at Microair, they were not interested in discussing issues a couple of years ago. I will replace mine with a Trig to match my Transponder when the time comes.
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