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  1. I was performing an inspection on a Wizard 3 wing today and i found something a little bit interesting. It appears that where the x-bars join each other they have been chaffing on the keel tube. This lump of nylon is obviously supposed to stop this happening but it doesn't. A quick bit of comparing another wizard wing nearby showed no such contact and the nylon lump doing its just well enough. Anyone had this problem before or can share why this is happening. New keel tube will be ordered once all parts are determined. Thanks for any help. Cheers Nick
  2. there is one on turpentine rd close to the braidwood end.
  3. So basically from reading all this we whine about every manufacturers problems and slag off Rotax's prices!!!!! If you want to fly instead of faff about open your wallet and spend the Cash. i truly believe that the Rotax cant be beat for $$ per effortless flying time. 1200 hrs on mine and just getting sweeter.
  4. Im based at the shadow flight centre @ old sarum airfield in salisbury uk. I love the shadows but a jab?? seriously?? hows it cope with cooling? Just been up in York rescuing one that got blown over in its trailer thankfully the tailboom will be ok as these are rare as hens teeth. enjoy the plane and the lack of second flight passengers. i hate the back seat.
  5. you got it wrong. Real aircraft are made of fabric mate. ;-)
  6. I have two communica headsets and the unit and two PTT buttons on my trike. they are cheap as chips in the UK check out www.afors.com and ebay uk and something will turn up. Does anyone use lynx in australia?
  7. Are syndicates allowed under RA? how many people?
  8. On that topic does anyone in australia use skydemon? Can anyone let me know what they believe to be the best for basic trike flying? Cheers
  9. Why do you need a club?? If you want to fly old rag and tube machines just do it. Support is available through forums these days.
  10. but private use TBO can be extended on condition? ps an instuctor in the UK has his school GT450 Trike with 3400hrs on the 912. Completely legal and still purrs like a kitten.
  11. Faark maybe importing my trike isnt such a good idea. The UK rules are a bit more flexable than Aus.
  12. Nick Evison

    Spark Plugs

    Jabiru.... Still dependant on a Rotax for reliability. Sorry couldnt help myself. ;-)
  13. In the UK we use the Quadrantals Rule seems to work well for such a densely populated area.
  14. Quick semi unrelated question. for a factory built Trike do i have to change the engine at TBO to remain eligable for school use under Australian laws or is it on condition? my engine is at 1200hrs with a TBO of 1500hrs
  15. Well lets call it $115/h - $35p/h instructor pay -$20/H fuel leaves $60/h left over (My experience tells me that most rotax 2 strokes engines used and maintained regularly will outlast the 300h TBO timeframe) but lets say they dont $5000 x6=30,000 so $60per hour x 2000h =$120,000-30K for engines leaves us with $90,000 Profit after paying most expenses Not bad really.
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