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  1. Ah that's a shame, they look like good tyres!
  2. Hey, Where abouts did you get your aero classic 8.50-6 tyres? Is there anywhere in Asutralia that sells them? Cheers Nick
  3. I agree there Diddy, I think there could be a real market for a new aircraft like this for around 10 grand. When you compare it to the trikes of today for 60-80 thousand you get a lot more for your money.
  4. FOR SALE: Thruster T83 (10-8583): Aircraft Total time since complete restoration: 15 hours Rotax .447 Engine Ground adjustable 2 blade propellor New wing, aileron and lower tail skins, all others good condition. New tundra tyres New Skydat digital instruments (ASI, ALT, VSI, RPM, CHT, EGT, OAT) mounted in checker plate panel New Flightline FL760 Radio New stainless steel control cables Cessna style toe brake setup with new Hegar disc brakes New castoring tailwheel assembly New AN bolts and hardware all round Custom Splittable pod with Camloc fasteners New Seat, seatbelt and throttle/trim controls New battery/battery box installed behind seat with regulator rectifier on engine. Basically a single seat Brand new aircraft, cruises 55-60 knots on 12-15 LPH Will not disappoint, flies beautifully! Asking $8500 Message me for anymore information, Cheers Nick
  5. Thanks mate, it was a fun little project, it's also got cessna style toe brakes which were a nightmare but a bit unique on a thruster!!
  6. Here are some photos of my Thruster T83 which I have just finished fully restoring....it has a rotax 447 and flies very well!!
  7. Hello, Does anyone have or know of someone that would have a thruster T83 pod for sale? Cheers Nick
  8. Hey Peter, I noticed you have a nice looking thruster T83, I have recently purchased one as a bit of a project and am currently rebuilding it, I had a few questions for you if it's not too much trouble, cheers Nick
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