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  1. Maybe I'm wrong but I like to hear what's going on in the circuit ! Everyone tells you to look outside and see what traffic is doing . Most times I fly I don't always have visual sighting of aircraft in the pattern until I hear a transmission , with intentions and location. If the frequency is busy make it short and sweet ! Far better than the alternative.
  2. Send a few out our way Turbo! We are getting eaten out buy Kangaroos......they can have as many as they want.
  3. Butch

    What`s Happening???

    Happy Birthday for Tuesday Frank! North QLD is gods own country Being a Mexican from down South I only get to visit once or twice a year! Hope the floods don't give you too much grief. I've just got home from a fire on our farm ( small not much damage ) That's what you love about OZ , floods one day fires the next, Happy New Year!
  4. I'd like to thank everyone on Recreational Flying for a stimulating informative year! A big thanks to Ian and Administrators for all your hard work allowing new pilots or old to have the chance to learn from each other. May you all have a healthy and happy year ahead. To all those that have lost a loved one involved in aviation, stay strong as they were doing what they loved! Merry Xmax all the best, Butch.
  5. If your negligent just pay some wanker Lawyer thousands of dollars to represent you and your off! SSSSSSSimple ! Only joking ! I pay thousands of dollars for insurance every year. My public liability insurance company will only pay if I'm not proven negligent, if I'm negligent they don't have to pay up. What's the point of insurance ?
  6. It's all fun Cookie ! I miss being under instruction.....I found it quite fulfilling learning a new skill every lesson. Good luck and enjoy!
  7. Hi Shane, just got in from work..1600hrs thanks for the offer. Hope you get in a few laps, I will have to fly up to Echuca on a weekend and catch up, cheers.
  8. Sounds like a great trip KC. Most Rans aircraft seem like they are user friendly to build and short build time. Good luck ......enjoy! cheers Butch.
  9. Hi Shane' I live in Heathcote and fly out of Bendigo. I was interested in the plane you purchased when I saw it online but didn't go on with it. Changed my mind about buying a fabric covered plane. You have got a good buy as it's like a new aircraft and have since found out being fabric is no problem. Might see you around in Bendigo or Echuca, I will keep an eye out...would love to come for a ride, thanks Butch
  10. A new label is better than the alternative marmalade where the recipe is decided by unions, cooked by an ex recipe writer and advertised cheap. When you pay for it at the register it turns out to be, expensive, a waste of money and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
  11. Agree Kaz, I fly out of YBDG and have heard a few local pilots whingeing about your landing fees. You put on a great lunch and are a friendly bunch! Hope we don't end up like you guys at Bendigo! Part of the attraction of flying to country airports are most are free and friendly....tell that to our local councils.
  12. I agree, learning something new every lesson is great! When you finally achieve your licence you will miss the challenge of having to learn something new. You will also realize how much more you need to learn!