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  1. Hello, Any more recent news on your Cougar? I saw episode 1 on the engine and was wondering if there would be more about the plane and performance and any mods you may have done. Cheers, Brook
  2. Hi guys I'm not sure, I'll definately be attending as many events as possible this year. Any QLD & Nth'n NSW for sure. I am going to the Southport Valentines BBQ breakfast on the 14th Feb. Alternately, anyone is welcome at Heck Field to take a look.
  3. Hi all, I'm thinking about a project in conjunction with Garry at MAW. A Sierra Viking or Sierra 80hp Rotax combo. Aircraft will be finished to my high standard and if you saw my plane at Evan Head recently, you'll understand. Avionic will be standard 6 pack style, radio with ptt, dual stick, upgraded brakes (dual rudder control), lockable tinted canopy, adjustable rudder pedals, winglets, strobe Nav lights, 100lt fuel on board, leather interior, high quality paint job and a design that will turn heads. No transponder Finish time around June 2015, fixed price $84,000 (Viking option) TBC. Msg me if you find this of interest. Jamie
  4. I've flown it a few times from Brisbane. The only real mountain goat country is around the Gold Coast Hinterland, the rest is a breeze. If you've got plenty of time and aren't on a timeline, then coastal is the scenic 'flat' route. Good luck
  5. Hi all, it's just a optical illusion because of the camera position and wide angle. This mornings speed had just hit 60knts at rotation.
  6. Another video with better camera audio.
  7. Flying should not just be for old geezers and the elite. New blood generates new ideas and competitiveness. That's great for any industry! Affordability and reliability is what everyone should be looking for in an aircraft and engine regard of anyone's 'OLD SCHOOL' opinions.
  8. I'm not sure if everyone has seen this or not in regards to a price drop in the Viking 110 and the new Viking 135. The 135 looks sweet! Viking 110 now $9,995 USD Viking 135 intro price $19,995 USD (Testing March 2015 - Due for release January 2016) RRP $24,995 USD http://www.vikingaircraftengines.com/# At $10k USD it's hard for the Viking not to be considered on your engine shopping list.....
  9. Bang on with that approach...bloody shocker. Normally 60-65kts but I was pushing 70. I still haven't got runway 36 at heck field down to a fine art. The hill/cemetery at the end of the runaway is deceptive!
  10. Video with engine sound, rattle from camera mount. After 35hrs specs as follows. Fuel burn @ fast cruise: 20-21lts per hour 110-115kts Fuel burn @ Econ cruise: 17-18ltrs per hour 100kts Engine temps all in the green, except oil temp which is too cool No problems with engine so far. Have complete 2 cross countries and flown up to 8000.
  11. Video with engine sound...rattle from camera mount
  12. Planning to be there at least one of the days
  13. Definitely at some fly-ins in the new year.
  14. Hi All, my Cougar is now fully registered and home at Heck Field at Jacobs Well in Brisbane. Arrived Sunday 30th Nov, 2014. 2hrs 15mins flight time at 110kt cruise. 250nm, Heading 359 up the coast with 11kt winds from 70