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  1. My books avail :) the a Diary of a Jack Flyer. http://flyerme.simpl.com/index.html
  2. My videos aren't nicely produced like Ignition's (nice job by the way:), just raw footage bumped together. For those who couldn't make it here is a glimpse of what we saw over the weekend. Apologies for all the wind noise - pretty annoying especially when you really just want to listen to that Spitfire ;) Be warned the videos are quite long as I didn't cut them back. Cheers H If you want to wade through long videos theres one of aircraft there & the last bit the Tandem aerobatics of the Pitts:
  3. Some more pictures H
  4. I went and had a good time, met up with Ross Millard and his wife, made some new friends & enjoyed the air shows. The Spitfire just sounds great & looks beautiful. Matt Hall was sensational on the Saturday, as was his forum. Yes numbers were down, a LOT less underwing campers and number of campers in general. As others have mentioned there were quite a few people with young families, that was great to see. Regular big name distributers were there but not much else to rummage through and spend dollars on. Not even a pilot shop. I would hate to see the event disappear so I'll still support it next year. Here are some pictures. Cheers H
  5. She got the tie downs on you already H
  6. Hey MM I'll be there again. Driving up and will have space for gear if you need Cheers H
  7. Great pics Neil. Wish I could have made it but family came first, hopefully next year. H
  8. OOoooooo.... sounds good, think I'll try & make that! Been trying to get to a Tyabb Airshow for a while. Guess another boring video coming up, Ha, Ha :) Hey Vev, you flying your beautiful aircraft in the show? Cheers H
  9. Wat to go AJ - onwards & upwards :) H
  10. I like a landline as a further backup in bad weather fires etc - living in the hills mobile reception is bad any way so I'll stick to all forms :) H
  11. That is one beautiful aircraft Captain H
  12. That looks extremely nice Captain Rat. Do you have a photo of it ready to fly? Looking forward to catching up with you at NATFLY H
  13. Not sure if I have any more films & the bulb in the old projector has blown. I'm yet to find a replacement. H
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