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  1. Why not take the train from Macarthur to Circular Quay ? .. Even less sweat .
  2. No it’s genuine all right . You see , you all assumed it was flying at a rapid rate of knots . You are wrong . It’s hovering . Just check the exhaust gasses , there aren’t any , so there you go . It’s the top secret hovering Bae Hawk the RAF tried to keep secret .
  3. Forget the fancy - dancy joints and head to Birmingham , the curry capital of the UK . The “ Balti Triangle “ is an area chocker block full of curry houses . My recommendation is Akrams in Stirchley , top tucker .
  4. Two very interesting publications OME, particularly for us locals .
  5. I think technically it is an advisory lane , as it is entirely within Class G airspace , however , as there are both North and South routings as documented on the Sydney VTC , I think it would be pretty stupid to fly on reciprocal headings to those shown . There are numerous both way low level lanes though , the V1 lane off the coast of Sydney is one such example . I have flown the Bankstown lane of entry a few times , always as per the ERSA , never see any opposite direction traffic , but always aware , and maintain a good VFR lookout .
  6. “ G registered “ as in UK registered aircraft ?
  7. I used to live not far from the site at Broadway . It’s atop a hill and is visible for many miles around . The Whitley crashed on the only hill for many a mile around . Unfortunately there are many such sites in the UK , although many are not recognised as sites of significance now . A Halifax bomber crashed on return from a bombing raid in our local town killing a number of crew and people on the ground . It crashed on a row of houses , in coincidentally for this site anyway Adelaide Street .
  8. Have a fun weekend . I hope the weather stays favourable for your intended visitors . i understand the cafe at The Green is pretty good . I’ll have to give it a go the next time I’m in the area , hopefully , I’ll be there in September for the B of B display at Duxford , that’s the plan anyway . Anyroad up , roll out the welcome mat for your visitors and keep drinking the rosy lee . Dave
  9. If anyone ever deserves official recognition it’s this man . A true gentleman and an inspiration to all , an example to all to aspire to .
  10. It was probably just as quiet over at “ The Green “ . Always loved flying around the Shropshire and Worcestershire area on a cool Winters day , it’s magic when the air is cool and dense , oh , the Staffordshire area ain’t bad either I recall . It’s reported you are to be subjected to the hottest forecasted February day on record maybe this weekend sometime . I can see the headlines now “ Gawd Blimey , it’s hotter than The Costas “
  11. I’ve flown both the LSA and J160 albeit some years ago . I seem to recall that the J160 was slightly heavier on control input , but not overly so . The main difference that I remember was the very sluggish climb rate of the J160 compared to the LSA model . It seemed to rely on the curvature of the Earth to get any rate at all , particularly on a hot day .
  12. Funny you you should say that , so did I . Must be a bloke thing .
  13. I enjoy watching the videos from Gyrocopter Girl too , but I’ll be honest . I’m not interested in the aviation content . I can get that elsewhere .
  14. A wonderful send of for a wonderful couple . Thank you Phil for being there . R.I.P Victor and Edna Dave