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  1. yampy

    Bloody PTV.

    I’ve been down to the Avalon show a few times flying down from SYD to MEL then bus, train and bus again to get to the show , and then at the end of the day do it all again . I always regarded the Melbourne public transport organisation and frequency of services to be far superior to Sydney .
  2. yampy

    Jabiru LSA vs 160

    I’ve flown both the LSA and J160 albeit some years ago . I seem to recall that the J160 was slightly heavier on control input , but not overly so . The main difference that I remember was the very sluggish climb rate of the J160 compared to the LSA model . It seemed to rely on the curvature of the Earth to get any rate at all , particularly on a hot day .
  3. yampy

    Fuel Bladder

    Funny you you should say that , so did I 😄. Must be a bloke thing .
  4. yampy

    Going bare

    I enjoy watching the videos from Gyrocopter Girl too , but I’ll be honest . I’m not interested in the aviation content . I can get that elsewhere .😄 😉
  5. A wonderful send of for a wonderful couple . Thank you Phil for being there . R.I.P Victor and Edna Dave
  6. Join the Navy and feel a man .
  7. My all time favourite is the Rajpoot in Cotteridge , Birmingham UK . It’s a bit of a jaunt from here , but I always pay a visit or two when over there. The gaffer there thinks I live locally , I’ve never had the nerve to tell him I’m on a visit . I’ve never a good curry in Australia , I’m hoping to before I fall off the perch . There seems to be a habit of putting carrots and peas in them and either like a furnace or no spice at all , never just right . The absolute worst I’ve ever had was in South Yarra , Melbourne , I’m still recovering . I think I’m due for a trip to the Rajpoot , doesn’t need much of an excuse for a trip back these days . Happy Curry munching one and all .
  8. I have very fond memories of seeing the CV990 of Spantax operating out of Brum Airport . Lovely aeroplane .
  9. yampy

    Dawn Patrol

    Great stuff Phil . Bought back some lovely memories of flying from the “Green “with Wilksy in a C42 and other times too in a PA28 and Cirrus SR22 . Lovely footage of the Clee Hill Golfballs and Bridgnorth as well . Thanks mate for sharing this smashing video .
  10. yampy

    Lovely Herc. night shot

    Sadly both Filton and RAF Lyneham or no more . They closed their doors and runways to aircraft some time ago . All the Hercs moved to Brize Norton , keeping the VC10’s company , till sadly they all became coke cans too , the VC10 that is . There’s a great museum at Filton dedicated to the Concorde . I haven’t been yet , but by all reports it’s a ripper . Its on the bucket list one could say .
  11. The first service is due to land at EWR shortly after a relatively “ fast “ 17hr 14m airborne . The aircraft is 9V -SGB , the second A350-900 ULR to be delivered to SQ .
  12. yampy

    Lovely Herc. night shot

    A great photo Phil . It appears that the trailing Herc has the same light arrangement too , although the port wingtip is not visible. My wife’s sister lived in Bradford On Avon many moons ago , and I recall seeing Hercs doing drops at night on the nearby Salisbury Plain , probably out of Lyneham . I believe they are all based at Brize Norton now . My wife’s family moved to Evercreech nr Shelton Mallet some years ago , it’s not bad as now I manage to see A400’s , Hercs and all sort of choppers operating out of nearby Yeovilton, when visiting them down there . I’m back again next month by the way aer kid .
  13. The folding wing option is old tech and old news . It’s always been an option on the 777 , even from day 1 of the original 777, however, until now no airline ever took up the option . It now becomes a “ unique innovation “.
  14. Without any doubt , the most comprehensive and detailed explanation I’ve ever heard detailing this tragedy . There is lots of information there that I was not aware of . In addition to what was said , I was always of the impression that the AF Concordes were not fitted with a deflector plate on the main undercarriage assembly as the BA examples were , to prevent this very chance of tyre debris damage impacting the fuel tank assembly . I may be wrong , but I seem to recall the mention of it somewhere . I still remember as if yesterday , standing on the deck of a ferry from Portsmouth to Cherbourg with my young Son , and seeing this aeroplane , which was a AF Concorde , flying overhead at supersonic speed and witnessing its sonic boom , absolutely a magic moment and one my son still remembers after 30 odd years . Thanks for sharing aer kid .