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  1. Cheers and thanks for sharing this gem Phil. Aer Kid
  2. It’s already started . Ryanair has 737 MAX aircraft sitting at the factory with the MAX titles replaced by 737-8200 . The vast majority of boarding passengers wouldn’t know what they were getting on anyway .
  3. Well I can remember my mate who worked for Qantas referring to Air India aircraft as " The flying little red dots & skydrol leaks"

  4. It would be the Shuttleworth Collection at the Old Warden Airfield as mentioned in my previous post .
  5. I saw this aeroplane at RAF Mildenhall , UK around the 1984 mark , it was resplendent in the characteristic all over red colour scheme . I believe it now lives at Old Warden Airfields in Bedfordshire and still flies regularly . I have attached a photo from Mildenhall .
  6. Ah , whenever I see the Staffordshire Knot I get all sentimental , the county of my birthplace . Anyroad up , can’t you postpone the do until late September , I’ll be back on hallowed turf by then . ?
  7. As long as Yorkey gets to keep his knob and I can visit Rooty Hill I’ll be right mate
  8. It’s probably fortunate it was wheat and not a Canola crop . If it was Canola in full bloom the Foxbat would never have been spotted .
  9. My first port of call every day is the “ Express and Star “ , and saw the report there . I immediately thought of you . Glad there are no serious injuries .
  10. Ian is haemorrhaging money in order to keep this site a viable asset . You , I, and Ian alike can’t sustain those losses . I congratulate him in exploring all avenues to provide us all with this valuable place . Yes it’s changed again , the alternative is no site at all . If you “ can’t take any more “ , then I say goodbye . Dave
  11. Just bung on a bigger modern engine and call it a PC6 Max , problem solved .
  12. Also if it is relating to time , is it UTC or local time ? . If it’s UTC then it’s no worries , because it would be dark anyway , and hence no flying for Rec aircraft .
  13. Phil . I hope you didn’t forget to shout “ four” ?
  14. There are several flight tracking apps , that will if you have the time and inclination show more details than ADS-B Exchange . I’ve just checked a PA28 nr Newcastle .ADS-B app didn’t show origin or destination , FR24 showed origin as Bankstown and FlightAware showed origin and destination . I didn’t manage to get a photo on ADS-B app but did on FR24 .
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