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  1. It would be the Shuttleworth Collection at the Old Warden Airfield as mentioned in my previous post .
  2. I saw this aeroplane at RAF Mildenhall , UK around the 1984 mark , it was resplendent in the characteristic all over red colour scheme . I believe it now lives at Old Warden Airfields in Bedfordshire and still flies regularly . I have attached a photo from Mildenhall .
  3. In the UK , they were often referred to as the “ shed” .
  4. The featured DH89 shown in the camo scheme is G-AGJG . I have a soft spot for this particular aeroplane . As a pimply schoolboy , I used to cycle over to my local airfield , Halfpenny Green in Staffordshire , England and watch in awe as this very Dragon Rapide used to haul the parachutists skywards only to jump out again ( could never understand the logic ) . One day it was operating in company with a Cessna drop plane , and one meat bomb jumped out of the Cessna and crashed through the top of the fuselage of this very aeroplane which was directly below . Probably one of the very few occasions when a person departed in one aeroplane but landed in another . I saw G-AGJG at Duxford a few years ago in this new colour scheme , looks beautiful now , much more attractive than the drab all over grey colours it carried all those years ago .
  5. Ah , whenever I see the Staffordshire Knot I get all sentimental , the county of my birthplace . Anyroad up , can’t you postpone the do until late September , I’ll be back on hallowed turf by then . 😀
  6. As long as Yorkey gets to keep his knob and I can visit Rooty Hill I’ll be right mate
  7. It’s probably fortunate it was wheat and not a Canola crop . If it was Canola in full bloom the Foxbat would never have been spotted .
  8. My first port of call every day is the “ Express and Star “ , and saw the report there . I immediately thought of you . Glad there are no serious injuries .
  9. Ian is haemorrhaging money in order to keep this site a viable asset . You , I, and Ian alike can’t sustain those losses . I congratulate him in exploring all avenues to provide us all with this valuable place . Yes it’s changed again , the alternative is no site at all . If you “ can’t take any more “ , then I say goodbye . Dave
  10. Just bung on a bigger modern engine and call it a PC6 Max , problem solved .
  11. Also if it is relating to time , is it UTC or local time ? . If it’s UTC then it’s no worries , because it would be dark anyway , and hence no flying for Rec aircraft .
  12. Phil . I hope you didn’t forget to shout “ four” ?
  13. There are several flight tracking apps , that will if you have the time and inclination show more details than ADS-B Exchange . I’ve just checked a PA28 nr Newcastle .ADS-B app didn’t show origin or destination , FR24 showed origin as Bankstown and FlightAware showed origin and destination . I didn’t manage to get a photo on ADS-B app but did on FR24 .
  14. Components in the leading edge slat assembly not meeting manufacturing standards apparently. The FAA are to issue a Airworthyness Directive (AD) , directing all operators of the 737 Max and 737NG to conduct inspection and repair if necessary within 10 days . This will affect almost every operator of the 737 in Australia . Dave
  15. Jack . I assume you are referring to flying an aircraft under an ultralight registration . As I understand it , and I stand corrected if it’s not the case , an aeroplane has to carry an ICAO registration in order to be flown internationally , in other words in the case of Australia a VH registration prefix . I’m led to believe that the Australian method of ultralight registrations , eg by a numerical prefix is not internationally recognised . As I say , perhaps someone else may be able to throw more light on the situation, and like you welcome further input . Dave
  16. Talking of Lancs and all that , I just happened to find these beer mats hiding between the Sheep Shaggers , the Old Farts and a few Bishops Fingers . All I need now is to find my Spitfire beer mats and I can get a beer mat formation flight going .
  17. Phil . It is the BBMF Lanc which carries the military serial PA474 . It’s had a few codes applied over the years and HW-R was carried about 2012 I believe . Currently it’s KC-A . Although the squadron coding has changed its always retained its military serial of PA474 and named City of Lincoln . The only other airworthy Lanc is coded VR-A and corresponds to its Canadian civil reg of C- GVRA . They flew together a couple of years ago when the Canadian example crossed the pond for the UK airshow season . I didn’t get to see them , sods law ain’t it .
  18. Phil . Some of my flying muckas in Brum tell me a Spitfire overflew Castle Bromwich today at about the same time . It was BOBMF Spitfire MK326 , a 1944 build model . Only 75 yrs old and still going strong . Lovely jubbly aer kid .
  19. The parachute centre at Wilton will fall victim to the massive urban encroachment on its doorstep long before Badgerys opens , and I understand may already have secured alternative options to the North of Sydney . It currently drops from FL140 with clearance from SYD Approach as it’s operations are within CTR, it occasionally has clearance delays as airliners on a STAR pass nearby . I see one Recreational Flying school in the Sydney area is advertising a PilotCertificate + cross country endorsement package at almost $20,000 or close to $400/ hr , I fear Badgerys will be the least of their worries .
  20. Phil .. Reminds me of Armstrong and Miller , it’s a well bad War is it man , like firing guns and all that ?. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Ena in daylight , out of the Rovers and without a Milk Stout in hand . Anyone who thinks I’ve gone doolally needs to get on the YouTube is it and do a reccie and all that .
  21. The Wedderburn webcam is available on Skycam.net.au , although a little farther distant from WOL than the Mittagong camera , it does include a link to the BOM radar , a airfield diagram and a synoptic chart . Dave
  22. Why not take the train from Macarthur to Circular Quay ? .. Even less sweat .
  23. No it’s genuine all right . You see , you all assumed it was flying at a rapid rate of knots . You are wrong . It’s hovering . Just check the exhaust gasses , there aren’t any , so there you go . It’s the top secret hovering Bae Hawk the RAF tried to keep secret .
  24. Forget the fancy - dancy joints and head to Birmingham , the curry capital of the UK . The “ Balti Triangle “ is an area chocker block full of curry houses . My recommendation is Akrams in Stirchley , top tucker .
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