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  1. If you decide to go with seafreight, use and Australian based agent. An Aussie based agent will cost you more, there is a very good reason for that, he will save you more. Australia have very particular rules and overseas agents rarely understand them all.
  2. Geoff13

    Coopers Gap Wind Farm Construction

    This is just 3 of 9 laydown areas at Fishermans Island. The logistics behind this are huge, what I wouldn't give for 1% of the freight costs.
  3. Geoff13

    Coopers Gap Wind Farm Construction

    some of the Blades a collection of towers More blades with a semi alongside for comparison. That is a 45’ trailer on the semi.
  4. Geoff13

    Coopers Gap Wind Farm Construction

    The initial plan called for the blades not to be moved until after the new Toowoomba range crossing opened. However after a couple of trial moves they decided not to delay the project. So far I have seen about 6 shiploads come in dedicated to this project. 3 just with blades. I will try and get some photos of the storage areas tomorrow, they a huge. Every spare piece of usable space on Fishermans Island is covered with these parts.
  5. Geoff13

    Silly Pictures involving Aircraft.

    I worked with a bloke who transferred to the Army from the RAN Fleet Air arm when it was disbanded. He often said that Women were alright for a change but you can't beat the real thing. I never turned my back on him.
  6. Some of us are old enough to have bought an EH Holden or XP Futura in our youth that was not old enough to need restoring yet.
  7. Geoff13

    A Sivana with a bent wing.

    Now where is my popcorn, this could get interesting. 😉
  8. Looking at that diagram I would question the currency of the drawer. there are conventions being used in there that went out when I was an apprentice. I turn 60 in 2 months.
  9. Geoff13

    Flying With The Angles!

    I am sorry for your loss Farri. Having seen your posts on facebook I see how much this loss is hurting you. Chin up mate and remember those good times. Thinking of you and Frances.
  10. Geoff13

    Jacobson Flair

    Hi Pen I learned in a Foxbat at Caboolture and have about 200 hours in one now. There are some very good and very experienced Foxbat instructors up there. If you are flying 3 degrees at Archerfield in a Foxbat, then you are going to be a world of pain if the noise stops. Many have already said get a good instructor, I would add to that get a good instructor who knows your aircraft. In the Foxbat if you can't glide to the strip from wherever you are in the circuit then I would be very worried. That simple fact almost forbids a 3 degree approach.
  11. Geoff13

    Bad Experience with Jabiru

    It appears that you are not looking very hard.
  12. I thought the report was very thorough and said plenty. A lot to be learned from reading that report I would think.
  13. Geoff13

    My first Solo Cross country!

    Dave it wasn't actually an engine out but this is the link. Incident 13 May 15
  14. Geoff13

    My first Solo Cross country!

    David I have been watching you for a while, I enjoy the Vids