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  1. How about, " off topic".
  2. Manwell, this thread is intresting and should be developed without input from the nay sayers. J
  3. They all look good, I'll go with captains pick.J
  4. Wjohnmid


  5. Hi Ian, Cap is a good idea, stickers for the ute and iron on logos, count me in. John.
  6. Check out hunter flyers at ycnk. John
  7. Sea breeze is cool,land breeze is warm ,answer should be ©. Ask a sailor. John
  8. Compass and clock, Cfi is very strict in a friendly kind of way. Batteries don't last forever he says. I'm looking forward to the next one. John.
  9. Did my first cross country on Sunday from ycnk scary but exciting !!! John
  10. Thanks Nev, yes Kieth did explain that 80kg less would make the plane fly more but I was still surprised When it got in the air in no time and my first touch and go seemed to float on for ever . I talk to myself all the time and I've always got my pocket sized check list handy.
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