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  1. Kasper - you are correct. This is the critical part that is missing. To legally fly an aircraft registered with the other's organisation. It should be Element 1 with the remaining Elements in support of the primary activity. Renewal of such documents should involve a round of member consultations. We can only hope :-)
  2. Yeah. Thanks Glenn. Due for renewal & opportunity to partition for an insert and change this. Was thinking something along the lines of: "Each organisation recognises the respective organisation's WM qualifications, and as such, a WM endorsed pilot may fly a WM aircraft registered with the respective organisation with full privileges".
  3. Turboplanner. Thanks for illustrating that this can be achieved with the Sportstar example. A multi-tiered approach could work - including enabling avionics fitted trikes into regional C class aerodromes.
  4. Has anybody asked or seen the MOU? Done a reconciliation between them to ensure factual rather than misinformation (fake news)? CScottHendry started this thread eight years ago. I made considerable enquiry three years ago and it didn't exist. So depending on who one speaks with depends if it exists and what exists within - if there turns out a signed document. The devil's in the detail as always. The circumstances that WM trikes faces around RAAO's is likely to continue as WM represents such a small component of their respective membership bases and an even small cohort of WM only pilots. Trike pilots organisational alignment is most often reflective of the 'other' aircraft they fly rather than trikes. Based on direct feedback at the past few Airshows from hundreds of WM pilots and prospective new pilots following their dreams, this is a little sad and does restrict future membership when the respective organisations need to be actively promoting safe, alternative recreational flying to create awareness beyond the local GA flying school - particularly to the under 30's. Best wishes :-)
  5. Why do you '...Perish the thought' Nev? Suggestions on how to improve either/both organisations to meet the triking communities needs welcomed... That's also an open invite to others to post..
  6. Crosswinds.... there are currently trikes hangared at most G class airfields around Melbourne (Tyabb, Lethbridge, Riddles Creek, Penfield, Barwon Heads) and a few at private airfields (Swan Bay, Koo Wee Rup, Bacchus Marsh West to name a few). Regionally, the larger trike schools (Baycity Microlights, Yarrawonga Flight Training and Valley Liteflite in Traralgon) may also have availability...
  7. Glenn. Agreed. For both 149 RAAAO's, WM's constitute a minimal membership base that rarely presents the drivers for change. RAA's a far more 'progressive' organisation through a re-vamped engagement model, however a still a considerable way from being a 'member' organisation such as the NRMA/RACV. Members want support rather than regulation which isn't forthcoming from either. RAA are at least engaging and listening to members. HGFA willl further decline over time as the instructor development program exists only as a reference in the Ops Manual rather than a planned program (ie, doesn't exist); RAA is a little more sustainable...
  8. Not many other options in peak hour traffic. Compromises in airport planning require contingencies that Essendon just does not have. The Vic Premier cites the strategic and operational importance, the need for it to remain open, etc,etc without the necessary planning controls, rather commercial real estate interests. Lindsay Fox also owns Avalon, so too many vested interests and political influence to close it down. The last event was in 1978... The Essendon plane crash that turned grief into a public event
  9. dan3111. Comical play on words around a serious matter. Yes this is the most popular trike in Aust, and as such, likely to reflect an equivalent proportion of incidents to hours flown. However hours flown in this trike eith this wing... very different. Very much the way Jabiru issues were highlighted but denied so this is just replaying the same recorded response (or absence there of). But an incdent every two point something months since early last year is concerning, particularly when half are catastrophic. Having two trike Part149 RAAO's splits the investigations and the two may not be aware of what the other does or openly discuss investigation outcomes (as highlighted earlier in this thread). Yes... some may chose to attack me rather than the issue & thats fine. I dont care. Fellow pilots dying - more than sticks & stones... then I care....
  10. Another fatal accident involving a trike with an Arrow wing. In the US this time... Pilot Dies in Ultralight Crash at Goleta Apartment Complex
  11. RAA, HGFA, ATSB and CASA please work collegiality to investigate the strutted Arrow wing. Almost all the recent trike accidents, including most all of the fatalities, have been under an Arrow wing. Too much of a coincidence to ignore.... Dundee/Glen Inness - two fatalities - April, 2015 Noosa - very lucky pilot - March 2015 Yarrawonga - two fatalities - March 2016 Mobray/Cairns - near miss - two person - Sept 2016 Rockhampton - two fatalities Just a few that come immediately to mind, however, there's sure to be a few more (including a few near misses I know about). This wing is dangerous and I'm regularly saddened, frustrated and angered hearing about high hour pilots, including CFI's having fatal incidents and that nothing is being done to ground this wing, rather blame the pilot. There's a design fault that will pull the wing into an unrecoverable spin that even Arnie Schwarzenegger wouldn't be able to get out of or that the wing becomes erratically uncontrollable in pitch & roll as was the case in one of the above....
  12. This video outlines Cressie's credentials and thoughts after his first Revo flight (commencing at 3:54)
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