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  1. Nobody

    Killer Gas

    Many EFIS systems have a spare input to allow custom warnings and alerts. I have seen a CO detector hooked to one of these so that the warning comes up through the headset/radio and shows on the screen.
  2. Nobody

    Killer Gas

    The density of air is 1.184 kg/m3 at 25 degrees C and atmospheric pressure The density of Carbon Monoxide is 1.145kg/m3 at 25 degrees and atmospheric pressure. While people have been killed by CO down mines it isn't because it is heavier than air and sinks to the bottom.
  3. Nobody

    Killer Gas

    CO is slightly lighter than air but for most practical purposes the density is the same.
  4. Nobody

    Affirm? Or Roger...

    In the USA the usage is affirmative, refer to the FAA Pilot Controller Glossary: https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/publications/media/pcg_basic_chgs 1_2_9-13-18.pdf In Australia it is Afirm as per the the AIP posted by head in the clouds. Footpath or Sidewalk?
  5. Nobody

    RAAus to disclose member details

    Guys, This is all about the politics of Controlled Airspace Access and a higher MTOW. Did you note that RAAus are not providing information to any airport operator but only those that are members of the Australian Airports Association. CASA has a committee from the "industry" that provide advice to it on new regulations, called the ASAP. RAAus need that committee not to stand in the way of their request for greater privileges. The AAA won't endorse a regulation change that would result in their members not being able to send invoices to aircraft owners. RAAus's change in position is a quid pro quo for not opposing the CTA and a higher MTOW.
  6. Safety Directive on the ASRA website: https://www.asra.org.au/application/files/2015/4106/0199/AD_2018.01_TITANIUM_AUTOGYRO_TAG.pdf
  7. Its a good report but does leave a few questions unanswered. We don't know why the engine stopped. Even though there was a fire I would have thought that a disassembly of the engine would tell if it is was seized, or there was a lack of oil flow or anything significantly broken internally. What was to position of the ignition switches, fuel selector? This quote from the report is chilling, I wonder if as part of the pre takeoff checks out of habit Ross turned the fuel to the engine off? Mr Millard climbed into the aircraft, secured the harness and discussed matters with Mr Lowry including the position of the fuel selectors which was different from the Lightwing that Mr Millard owned and flew.
  8. Nobody

    Cri Cri

    there were photos in the thread back in 2015 so it has been flying for awhile. Miniture high speed turbine engines
  9. We all knock the media when they report a "cessna" has crashed so perhaps RED you could edit the thread title. CASA haven't determined anything, the ATSB have.
  10. Nobody

    AOPA and RAA

    But there are VH registered aircraft that are under 600kg and have a low stall speed....
  11. Just don't have lots of witnesses and/or photos....
  12. Nobody

    AOPA and RAA

    The RAAus position on medical certification is nothing new and I can understand AOPA being upset at it. AOPA and SAAA have been trying to get CASA to relax the medical standard while RAAus have been arguing that the current situation should not be relaxed, if it was they would lose members. I posed about it nearly a year ago here: So RAA are looking to have 750 kg MTOW as well as 1500 kg MTOW increases from CASA.
  13. Perhaps this it the kind of thing RAAus should be fighting for. If they have any spare time after they are done registering trademarks....
  14. Nobody

    Rime Grime

    The density of air is 1.2kg/m3. A jabiru doesn't seem too upset by the impact...
  15. Nobody

    Rime Grime

    Have you ever noticed that the glider pilots clean the dead bugs of their wings after every day.... The dead bug guts give a noticeable decrease in performance on a sleek high performance glider.