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  1. Thanks to all for your advise. Might look at using the Gates' hose.
  2. Appreciate any advise on what type of fuel line to use on my Rotax 582. Mike Stratman refers to a "clear blue urethane line" as his preference but I cannot identify what this is called commercially? Also, can I use the same line for the vacuum impulse line to the rear of the fuel pump as it needs to be resistant to internal collapse?
  3. Thank you to all those who responded to my query. All very helpful and reassuring.
  4. I would like to fit a fuel pressure guage to my Rotax 582. Does anyone know where I can obtain a guage and how to go about fitting it?
  5. BillLipson


  6. Thanks for the response Keefy but looking for a dual seating aircraft.
  7. Hi All Currently doing my license in a Drifter and looking to purchase a Thruster as my first aircraft. Very impressed with the amount of enthusiastic support on the Thruster Operators website/Forum. Is there anyone out there who might be able to take me up for a trial flight in a Thruster? Also really keen to look at some of the different models and discuss pros/cons with Owners. I'm considering a Gemini but thinking the more enclosed cockpits of some of the later models seems more comfortable? I live on the Sunshine Coast. Looking forward to hearing back. Thanks Bill
  8. Hi Mike, $215 per hr and the instructing standards are excellent. Bill
  9. Thanks for your good wishes. I caught up with an old friend in the Whitsundays recently and he has been flying ultralights for a lot of years. I've done a lot of long distance sailing and found the similarities between that and cross country flying uncanny (airfoil dynamics, navigation, small engine maintenance, safety procedures, voyage planning, et). A little bit of web research later and the bug has bitten!
  10. Just completed my first lesson in a Drifter out of Gympie QLD. Loved it and really hooked. Thinking of buying a second hand XAir and would really like to meet any owners who currently have XAirs in SE Qld to talk pros and cons.
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