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  1. pda

    Camit closing

    If you read recent news on the D Motor site, they appear to be having much grief obtaining reliable castings. The Camit process of fully machined components is probably a relatively expensive process but they are quality reliable components every time.
  2. pda

    Hirth still in Australia?

    My recent experience with Hirth Germany was quite different ..I was provided with a price list and they seemed quite keen to sell engines into Australia to individuals ..
  3. pda

    Hirth still in Australia?

    I think that you will find that there is a significant difference between the 2706 and the 3203 .. the 3203 has reed induction and the carburetor/intake has moved from the cylinder wall to the sump. Hirth in Germany will sell new engines and parts directly to individuals in Australia .. but they appear not as keen to support their older engines .. there have been a lot of changes/improvements to their engines in recent years and they would much rather sell you a new engine. Oregon Aircraft Designs in the USA appear to be very experienced in the repair/maintenance of older hirth engines.
  4. pda

    Rotax 503 replacement?

    HKS have recently ceased production of their aircraft engines .... notice on US agents web site
  5. pda

    Importing from America

    The rules may be a little different now .. I imported a full spruce kit for a pietenpol some years ago from Canada and it was relatively simple. The kit was shipped by air in two large cardboard tubes. Customs did open the cardboard tubes and they were quite happy once they saw the type of timber. I was issued with an invoice for all costs by the local office of the international freight company used by the canadian kit manufacturer and the kit was then available for collection. I think that things can get a little more complicated if timber packaging is used ..I understand that, at least from some countries the timber has to be heat treated and certified.
  6. Scotty, you probably need to look at the tailwheel detail for the GN1 aircamper .. it has a fabricated metal clamp to support the rear of the spring ..I can send you a copy of the drawing ..regards peter