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  1. Time Left: 10 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Lightwing GR 912 135 Hours since complete rebuild, includes new 100 HP Rotax 912 S, Bolly 3 Blade prop, New Fabric and paint job, upholstery, tyres, control rod ends, All cables. In excess of $50,000 spent 3 years ago for this rebuild, it was a straight airframe, no damage or accident history. This Lightwing would suit a new buyer. Please note the Lightwing picture is only a file photo.


    , New South Wales

  2. Jumbo jet

    Jumbo jet

  3. B, please take my advice, I work on these 912 engines, plug fouling on Mogas is rare if u have a healthy engine so u have a problem, either u have a tired old engine and it’s burning oil or its over rich which can be caused by a too rich idle mixture setting, worn jet and jet needle or just tired old carbs, carbs should be overhauled at the 5 yearly rubber replacement or no later than 1000 hours, now when I say overhauled this is a complete strip down and all parts cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and needle jet, jet, circlip and o ring replaced and check that the mixture enriching device ( choke ) is returning to off and the tiny dot on the choke shaft is pointing towards the cable. Set idle mixture screw to 1.5 turns out and have main needle jet circlip on second from the bottom groove. If u believe you have a good engine, first buy a set of plugs from Bert Floods, DONT SKIMP HERE as they properly gapped and have the proper heat paste applied, set the idle mixture at 1.75 turns out, don’t excessively slow idle the engine on warm up and give that a try, if it still cacks up plugs the problem might be as mentioned above, this is a starting point for u.. Good Luck.
  4. So getting back to the original thread, is there any factual news on what actually happened ?
  5. 85 litre fuselage tank and 500kg MTOW Cheers
  6. For Sale, New, 30 hrs old Jabiru SPT6 This is a very light aeroplane (E.W. 276 Kg ) with an oversize engine (6 Cyl 3300 120 hp engine ) Goes like a rocket. Any Buyers ??
  7. Thanks for all the interest but both Gazelles sold today. If anyone is interested, I have a brand new 30 hour old Jabiru SPT 6 for sale. $39000.00 I'll put details in the classified section Cheers
  8. Hi David. Both Gazelles look like being sold. Will know more in an hour and will advise on the forum. Not bad sold in 13 hours of being advertised.
  9. Two gazelles for sale. 1 x GAZELLE996 hrs VGC 2nd GAZELLE damaged but nearly complete. Good engine. $36000 for the two Gazelles
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