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  2. Mate just sign up to https://www.pilotpracticeexams.com/ do all the practice exams on the when you can pass them with 100% or close enough you will kill your real exams with points to spare. that how I passed mine about 6 months ago, I still jump on to stay refreshed. Cheers Rick
  3. Ok it's been a while, but made a bit of progress since last time I posted. I stop posting because they changed this site a bit and couldn't work out how to put pic's up! the kit turned in July I've finished the rudder, tail/ elevator with electric trim, flaps and ailerons with electric trim and half way through my first wing. So what I have learnt so far in this build is if something doesn't feel right or look right STOP ! go on the forums and ask questions and also CHECK FOR PLAN UPDATES!. My first mistake was "assumptions" One would assume that when you buy a brand new kit they would send out ALL of the news updated plans with the kit, NO NO NO You still need to chase up yourself the latest plans. The 2 things wrong with the kit so far were all to do with the updates they don't supply and you have to find yourself. Luckily I have met on here a guy building one 1hr drive from me, he has been SOOOOOO helpful. The fist was the top of the rudder and the second was the bent strip install on the elevator that shows on the plan sliding over and locking the top and bottom horns together, but my strip that was all predrilled was to short, and would only fit under the two horns. found the updates and finished it off. a lot of time wasted chasing things up like that. I emailed the factory and they take forever to get back to you, I pointed out the problems and they said they are working towards all aircraft being finished hole predrilled matched hole fitting, so very little drilling if any. We have a new Zenith deal here in Oz now and he is great to deal with, James Fisher, if you need anything give him a call. Anyway see you guys in 2 weeks we are off to the Maldives tomorrow, so reply will have to wait. Cheers Rick
  4. Hi James, I'll email you rather that going through here, look out for an email from katrinaandrick . cheers mate Rick
  5. Congrats mate. My CH 650 turned up about 3 months ago, if had of been a bit quicker you would of had that sale :{ Will any of us with Zenith kits already be able to go through you if we need spare parts or questions? Cheers Rick
  6. Don't know, I think it's just an update with the blown moulded parts. the other parts were just straight aluminium, the moulded plastic gives a nicer rounded finish rather than the straight harsh edge of the old aluminium .
  7. Spray booth built, parts de-burred, scotchbrited { is that a word?} cleaned and wiped down, sprayed with the etch primer and riveted !!! On my way. Two small hiccups. Started to rivet and noticed I had the wrong head in the gun, riveted about 10 rivets so I'll drill them out and replace with the domed head. and second I started to rivet the leading edge skin "under the trailing edge skin, again got about 8 rivets in before I picked up the mistake. So I stopped and will remove those few rivets and install skin correctly tomorrow. At least I pick up the mistakes and rectify them I'd hate to get so far into something and realise a long way down the track that I'd f%&$#@ something up. Cheers Rick
  8. So stuffed a bit already ! the top rib reinforcement, You would assume that the planes they sent out with a brand new kit would be the latest plans ? NO !!! on the plans you can see it is just the 65t4-2 top with cap, but that would mean I would have had 2 parts left over, found some other plans on the disk they gave and it shows the 2 parts and how they go on without 65t4-2 . So proceeded to install it that way. WRONG ! I've been in contact with another fellow building on and he found the most up to date plans. So now I've ordered 2 new parts! Also started on the tail, WOW the matched pre drilled holes are a treat after doing the rudder which aren't matched holes. I think what I have done on the tail in 1 1/2hrs if not predrilled and matched would have taken a weekend and a bit ! What a time saver Cheers Rick
  9. Thanks , I have the wax and grease remover . So scotchbrite with the wax and grease first then wipe down with the 1/2 1/2 mix? cheers
  10. Hi guys So I decided to use the Protec "etch pro 426 " It's an 1k epoxy etch primer. I've just finished building a spray booth in my outdoor shed, just installed the extraction fan today. Picked a small compressor yesterday. All I have to do now is chase up what they recommend to use as the thinner on the etch primer and I'm ready to go. I have a tv and dvd hung on the wall ready to play the "homebuilthelp dvd's " as I build the thing. I've started on the rudder skeleton, just waiting now for all of the final bits for the spraying. Cheers Rick
  11. Hi gents Like I said in the Zenith section my Ch650 has arrived and I'm about to start the build, but I'm still after a few more opinions on corrosion protection for the thing. I've been told about a company called "Protec" the product is "AP-4441 Protec Etch Primer" what's everyone's opinion? Any other types people have used? BUT Like I started in the zenith forum I'd just like to rule out ANY of the to toxic/carcinogenic types please. {Not interested} Cheers Boys Rick
  12. Thanks for that , very informative. Will look at the products Cheers Rick
  13. Hi guys My CH650 kit arrived last week, what a job and a half getting it up my steep curved driveway up to the garage. Luckily a few of my neighbours were home and come over to give me a hand! At the moment I've unpacked the grate, made my bench and working on converting part of my outside storage shed into a spray booth. I've joined the SAAA, spoken to a few of the guys who have been very helpful. I'm probably still a few weeks away from starting the build and trying to learn and ask as many people as I can on their thoughts of corrosion protection. What is everyone's opinion on the best type and why? Pro's and cons of different types. BUT !! before anyone starts I'd just like to rule out ANY of the to toxic/carcinogenic types please. {Not interested} Cheers rick
  14. How many hrs have you logged on the build mate? Cheers
  15. Yes but in you words " rebuild them" his words "That is not a rebuilding, that is a brand new long block" Not the same thing, is it ? Cheers
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