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  1. Offroad4wd

    Australia's Youngest RPC Holder

    Congratulations Liam. A great achievement and something to be proud of.
  2. Offroad4wd

    Here we go again...

    Hi FlyingPhil. I am only just getting into my training but good luck with getting back into yours.
  3. Offroad4wd

    Starting my training

    Abit of an update. I was out at Flightscope Aviation early for the start of my training. I met my instructor Chris who is very knowledgeable and the way he delivers training is great. He explained things in a way that made it very easy to understand. He spent about 1 hour in the training room explaining the effects of controls. Then we went and got the Eurofox out of the hangar and he spent alot of time explaining the preflight checks to me. As we departed the wind was straight down the runway and we were off the ground in no time. We headed out over towards Beaudesert and Chris was explaining the effects of the controls and getting me to do some turns ect. After 1 hour (it seemed alot less but the time just flew by. pun intended) we were back on the ground. Chris didn't try and rush me and spent alot of time with me. I only booked a 1 hour flight lesson for 0800 and we finished at 1100 with 1 hour flight time. I have booked in again this Sunday and cant wait. Tim
  4. Offroad4wd


    Welcome Nick and congratulations on gaining your pilots certificate today
  5. Offroad4wd

    Test Flight...

    Congrats Dan
  6. Offroad4wd

    Starting my training

    Thanks litespeed and spooks. I am looking forward to it
  7. Offroad4wd

    Starting my training

    Thanks Robbo. I am going RA at the moment but I do have plans for PPL in the future
  8. So after a very long time of research and planning ( in other words I have been busy with work) I am starting my flight training this weekend. I have booked in with Flightscope Aviation at Canungra and I can't wait. I don't have any questions at the moment but I am sure I will once I start, I apologies in advance for any silly questions. Tim
  9. Offroad4wd

    Test Flight...

    Good luck Dan.
  10. Offroad4wd

    Zenith750 Builder

    Hi Geoff and welcome. I am looking forward to seeing some pictures and hearing more about your build. Tim
  11. Offroad4wd

    Hi There

    Hi Jamie and welcome
  12. Offroad4wd

    Guess the plane

    It took me awhile but i found it
  13. Offroad4wd

    Guess the plane

    Dehn Ringwing????
  14. Offroad4wd

    Gday, Newbee from the Gold Coast

    dazza 38 thanks for not picking up that I didn't use a full stop at the end of my sentence. I will put an extra one in this sentence to make up for it..
  15. Offroad4wd

    Gday, Newbee from the Gold Coast

    Hi Mike and welcome. I am from the Gold Coast as well but I am only just starting my journey of flying. Good luck with your hanger search Tim