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  1. All about airlines, state and local government - nothing about GA (which includes RAAus aircraft). The people in Canberra dreaming up this shit probably don't know about the importance of GA - especially private GA - in the regions.
  2. And expanded the scope for activist or corrupt local government employees to pervert the system sometimes in concert with similarly minded state government counterparts. These people rarely get brought to book as developers simply shrug their shoulders and move on to the next opportunity. There is no reward for principled behaviour by developers who may wish to take on the entrenched players in the system.
  3. So Turbs, do you read this quote from the article differently?: Shooting from the hip was always inaccurate
  4. I got it. Law makers just put bandaids on things instead of dealing with the real issue.
  5. Like the new format but my LastPass (password manager) login no longer works
  6. And Part 149/103 etc took over two decades - so the answer may lay between 6mo and 20 years!
  7. Have a look at the nosewheel in the pic. Nosewheel leg failure on the RV series is well known and poor engineering should not be used to justify maintenance of the 45knot stall speed requirement. Many other 800 kg series production aircraft have long term service records that demonstrate the safety of the FAR23/CAR3 61kt stall standard.
  8. There are two approved devices that qualify for the rebate scheme and neither of them are roll cages (the Quadbar Flexi and the ATV Lifeguard). I agree with your reference about tractors but who was talking about tractors?
  9. After watching those guys in action a number of times in various situations, I would say that the management of the SES would do well to remove every powered device from their members for their own protection. Don't get me wrong there are some wonderful people involved in the SES but when the adrenaline kicks in all the training in the world wont save some from themselves.
  10. The Victorian Government did no such thing. It simply introduced a rebate scheme for roll bar fitment to NEW quads which could be sold without roll bars (probably because of interstate trade issues). You are seeing less quads as a result of market influences such introduction of the buggies, and yes, the marketplace recognizing the dangers associated with quads. I doubt any farmer new of the Tasmanian case or even if it influenced any on farm decision.
  11. So the 136 deaths on quad bikes over the last 8 years weren't an acceptable kill rate? Whilst it is unfortunate that anybody meets an untimely end, society cannot afford, for many reasons, to be so completely risk averse as to not allow people to explore the boundaries of behaviour. Whats next? banning walking because pedestrians get killed?
  12. Most of the aircraft that would migrate to RAA under the 760kg weight limit if stall speed was not 45kt were designed to FAR 23 or CAR3 in which case the structures were designed to the higher stall speeds. Yes if you hit the ground you may be hurt, but if you have stalled the aircraft into the ground there is every likelihood that the impact speed will be higher than the stall speed. The wing loading of a Jabiru 160 is about 67kg/m2 which is higher than a Cherokee 140 and Cessna 172( 65kg/m2) and a Cessna 150 (50kg/m2) . Interestingly the recommended landing speeds are similar (63 - 65 kts). Surely this is a better determinant than stall speed. The numbers still used in training of these types bear testimony to their ruggedness and safety performance.
  13. See consultation for Part 103 thread in Governing Bodies
  14. The whole point of the home building experience is an educational one. This was the rationale for the movement in the US and I suspect most of the rest of the world. When I built my aircraft the hand skills I possessed were those I had accumulated building (and constantly rebuilding) balsa model aircraft or keeping equipment going on the farm. Hardly skills that prepared me for the aircraft build. Along the way I accumulated a lot of tools that made the job easier, several new (experienced builder) friends and a stack of new skills. Frankly, I find the presumption that those of us who are not (because we have chosen other career paths) possessed of trade qualifications are somehow inept with our hands to be the height of occupational snobbery that is unfortunately reflected in RAAus's L2 assessment.
  15. Obviously other regulators, with a larger base of evidence, have made the determination that these changes are safe.
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