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  1. It was a compression test, as far as I know Cheers Peter
  2. I have an early 3J with 2.2 lit engine. I have noticed recently that the motor is only developing 2600 revs on climbout. The engine has done 350 hrs and has been serviced at 25 hr intervals. The engine is running smoothly, the plugs are clean and a good colour. The fuel filter is new and a compresion test at last service was fine. A friend with a J160 tells me he gets 2800 revs. Does anyone have any ideas/similar experience on what may be causing this? cheers Peter
  3. Can anyone tell me where Jabiru source their regulators from. I believe it may be a Kubota part. If so can anyone give me the Kubota part number. Cheers Peter B.
  4. Jab Towbar BigPete, thankyou very much for this information. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this. It looks a very simple arrangement to put together. I will do some checking of the sizes, Hope to catch up with you next time I am in Echuca, once again thankyou, cheers PeterB.:thumb_up:
  5. G'day Peter, thankyou for that, cheers Peter :thumb_up:
  6. Tow bar for my Jab Quentas, thankyou for your response. I have contacted the Jab factory and they have never seen one, I donot have a problem with moving the jab around myself, but the hanger operator is adamant I need a tow bar for others to move my aircraft. cheers Peter
  7. Can anyone help me with some information re a tow bar for my LSA 3J? I have recently acquired new hanger space and the owner requires all hangered aircraft to have a tow bar for moving the aircraft. My aircraft does not have spats fitted. cheers Peter:)
  8. Glen, thanks for the advice on the intercom, what did the intercdom and harness end up costing you? cheers Peter
  9. Nelson, thanks for the tip, i will check if this is the problem. cheers Peter:thumb_up:
  10. I have an LSA 55/3J with an Icom A200 radio fitted. Currently I use the intercom which is integral to the radio. I find it very noisy in flight and have been advised to fit an alternative intercom. Can anyone advise me on a suitable replacement, I have 2 Dave Clark H10-13.4 headsets. Can the existing head set jack plug -ins be used? My preference would be for a panel mount without the need for 9v batteries. cheers Peter
  11. Cazza, thanks for the welcome. I have been up to one of the Temora Airshows last year on a trip organised from Shepparton, you have a great airfield up there. I hope to visit in my own conveyance soon, cheers Peter
  12. Thanks Neil, I don't regret starting my flying in gliders, it was great training. I trained on a low performance glider (ES52 Short wing Kookaburra - 13-1 glide ratio) by winch launching. From memory I had over 100 flights before I experienced an extended flight time of more than 5 minutes. This made progress pretty slow. I later was able to complete a five hour flight in the same aircraft. It could thermal very well in narrow thermals and was a bit like an old sports car. I transitioned from that glider to a single seat Astir CS (38-1 Glide ratio) in which I was able to fly cross country. I later had a third share of an LS1f single seat glider with a 40-1 glide ratio. Gliding is great fun and I will probably do some more in the future. My ideal is a powered glider with good cross country performance. With 3 small daughters at home I found gliding not very family friendly as it entailed being at the field all weekend to help launch others. So a friend and myself went to Tocumwal and transitioned to a Quicksilver MX ultralight. We both soloed in under 5 hours. So have been flying hired aircraft until I was able to purchase my Jab. At least I can now go flying (weather permitting) when and where I want to go. I am looking forward to lots of cross country flying. Are you back in the air yet? cheers Peter
  13. Thanks Frank, I appreciate your welcome cheers Peter
  14. Hello all, I have just discovered the site. It looks well worth while from what I have seen so far. I have been flying for 25 years, about 15 in gliders and more recently ultralights. I purchased a Jabiru last year and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to Oshkosh which I had wanted to attend since I started flying. I will be going back again, it is really pilots nirvana! We are very fortunate to have such a great country to fly around, even if the avgas is more expensive! I look forward to joining in on the forums to share information, cheers Peter :thumb_up:
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