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  1. Jaba There are no droplets of fuel if that was the case the carby is not doing its job. Also it’s not possible one side of the engine to run lean and other run rich. With all your knowledge you should be able to build the perfect jab engine. i modified my engine to run optimal but you keep saying this probably won’t work or maybe that won’t work.
  2. MARKDUN thanks for your comments I had a different air cleaner on mine with that pressure flap and it made little diferance. I am trying to convince everyone to install a air fuel ratio gauge.
  3. I don’t know the advantages of the intake Change good I would think. I had no experience with the 3300 only 2200. I changed the air cleaner used a auto filter I had the early corse fin heads at times I thought the heads where to cool. I have since sold the plane I believe it’s still trouble free flying.
  4. How do you know it did,not make any difference what where you trying to achieve did you say you have not flown it yet. How do you know if it is running lean or rich.
  5. The first thing you have to do is change the intake from nakaduct to side intake. Jabiru has finely done this, A naturaly asperated engine can’t have pressure into the intake. The best thing is fuel injections people say it won’t be reliable how many cars stop because of the computer injection.
  6. I am writing from hands on expereance my jab 2200 flew over 600 hrs with out any problems how much has all the other commenters have. You all have to read my first comment.
  7. The problem with jab engines they run lean. Monitor the air fuel ratio and be able to adjust and you wont Have any problems. Lycoming and Continental need mixture ajusment.
  8. A 6 cyl jab into a skyfox has already been done, kitfox in the USA have up to 180 HP. Have a nice day.
  9. Mate you want to read my reply you don’t get it
  10. I read a lot of suggestions of what you should do. I can tell you from experience the 3300 and 2200 are a very good engine the problem is they run to lean an air cooled engine rely on fuel and mixture to keep cool. and one of the problems is the nacka duct intake the engine cant have forsted air into the carb. jabiru have fixed this by a flat intake on the side no forced air to carb. I owned a 2200 4 cyl i fitted a air fuel ratio gauge with all the other gauges is indicated if it was running lean or rich. To ajust mixture I fitted a butter fly in the intake just after the nacka duck the old coarse fin heads where cool same the EGT. I done 600 or more hrs no trouble. Jabiru tryed to build a air cooled engine that we could start and fly with no ajustments lycoming and cont could,nt do that. I am not sure as to the new intake mod if this solves the problem but I would not fly a jab without the air fuel ratio gauge and some means of rich or lean device and your engine will last. I am not nocking jabiu they have done a great job manufacturing the engine. I hope in the future buy a skyfox and fit a 3300 6 cyl.
  11. hyundai

    Batteries for jabs

    With my jab if the batt does not turn it quick enough and cold mornings is the worst times. But I should say when it starts it will start all day. I rebuilt my engine and the flywheel bolts where tight with locktight. Cheers
  12. hyundai

    Batteries for jabs

    The battry people say it good to have a trickle going in when not in use.
  13. hyundai

    Batteries for jabs

    That is good to hear as I said cheaper battry less life do you use a solar panel Cheers.
  14. hyundai

    Batteries for jabs

    Thanks for your reply good point.
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