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  1. PS Re pricing, the place in Caboolture wher I got mine 2 mm thick, from memory it was under $100 for a full sheet
  2. Just one more problam poly sheeting can have is coming in contact with petro chemical rubbers. I used some rubber mouldings from Clark Rubber to finish of the fitting of a screen on my Savannah where an alumineum flashing was touching the screen I used the moulding to give it a nice looking finish, after a while the poly became crazed where it was touching the rubber. Two years later it is still holding together Cherrs Ken
  3. If thats the plane I think it is it had a Suzuki engine in it
  4. Nice meeting and chatting to you yesterday Kenny, Greg
    1. Kenny


      Same here Greg. I did'nt know what the highlighted flag ment re my profile. The only thing I do on the forum is read a few posts and ocasionly post a reply I don't realy know how the rest of it works. Cherrs Ken
  5. In the beginning there was NOTHING and it blew up , ( Big bang theory) come on.
  6. Hi I had a similar problem some time ago and had to cut the flange off of the back of the backing plate, about 3 or 4 mm from memory, it worked anyway although it was still a close fit Cheers Ken
  7. Exactly right apm , With hindsight , Unicom should have been more assertive and told the twin that it was not Their place to give permission for the SIA and for the twin to run it by the others in and around the circuit, as they were the ones to be made aware of possible conflict, My original post was re the proceedures in place and Unicom knowing their responsibilities and that the straight in approach was not good airmanship on the day however I have enjoyed the banter on the forum and learnt a few things Cheers Ken
  8. Hands up all those who use area frequency constantly
  9. Hi Turbo You have said clearly what I was alluding to if radio communication is short,sharp,precise and to the point it usually is quite easy to fill in the blanks. I guess I should have been more proactive and spoken directly to the incomming twin and dissused his intentions so everyone in circuit was aware of him but it was hard to get a break in transmissions, with the extra radio chatter possability creating even more confusion and at the time one thinks that perhaps it is only me who is having this problem
  10. I too was there and enjoyed myself thoroughly , a great event , great atmosphere , and great fellow aviators, however I must mention an incident that happened on arrival around Friday lunchtime. I was traveling with a friend ( I am saying this constructively and by no means making a complaint about any of the hard working and generous volunteers that gave their time up to make Naromine the success that it was) Anyway getting back to the incident. On aproach and about six or seven miles north of the field, with about seven or eight planes inbound at that time there was a call to Naromine requesting a straight in aproach for 29 , I had guesed that it was a fast plane from his distance out and his arrival time however I can't remember what the responder said in return as it was not all that clear , anyway we and the plane that had asked for the straight approach were all five minutes from the circuit. On arrival at the circuit and just about to join cross wind the other plane called again asking if he was okay to come straight in and once again I did not understand the call from the field except that it was positive, the pilot then did an inbound call saying he was two miles out , not two mile final Just after turning downwind we ie. my friend in front and me behind were requested to do a wide base, now I must tell you at this time that my friend who came to Australia quite some time ago from Europe who both speaks and understands english very well was struggling to decipher the unclear calls plus as you well know the amount of radio traffic from arrivals was incredible . Whilst looking downwind I could see the approaching twin on long final just as my friend with his eyes now on the freshold turned base , after some more radio chatter he was asked to go round by the chap on the ground which he did , incident over. Now what are your thoughts on this , I belive the volunteers on the ground worked their guts out and were under tremendous pressure on the day however perhaps they might need to be much better briefed and trained before the event to be more authoritive with unwise requests. Do you think as I do that perhaps there should be some rules put in place for these big high traffic events such as not allowing time consuming straight in approaches also we as pilots need to be aware that in these high traffic situations that we might think outside the box and think of the other seven or eight pilots in close proximity who will be as nervous as hell about approaching what could be their first circuit into a big event such as Naromine
  11. As far as I am aware you can land at Alice and refuel at the bowser as long as you are out of there by eight am before CTA starts. Ken
  12. Hi Leangatha in Victoria has PULP on tap no self service though Cheers Ken
  13. As I have said before I have been to both Temora and Narromine but not to a fly-in , ie Natfly, can somebody tell me what they think of both places and what they think is the best venue for Natfly? From what I have been hearing most people seem to think Narromine is or was the best venue with a great atmosphere and lots of activity and socalising happening, if that is the case should we all be pushing to have Natfly returned to it's Home . How about we start some kind of vote ( with reasons ) for liking or not liking one venue or the other, I for one would like to see some people's thoughts on this. Cheers Ken
  14. I have been to narromine a couple of times and stayed over while enroute to other places but have yet to go to a fly-in there so would be keen to go to one Who knows perhaps Natfly will return there one day Ken
  15. I don't know if this has been posted already . I have cut and pasted it from an email so I hope it works From news reports the aircraft probably broke up shortly after the end of this video since the debris field was so large. This must have been a minute and a half of sheer terror for the passengers. Looks like the right engine and wing area took the hit. Note the camera operator is able to record the moment of impact in the first 2 seconds of this clip. Note the smoke burst left behind on impact with the #2 engine area. There is a 18 second delay (speed of sound delay) due to the distance and altitude of the explosion. Question: how did this video operator know to have his camera running just prior to the missile explosion? How many people run their camera in the sky looking for an airplane cruising at altitude so high that most are not visible to the human eye? Note that the pilots are maintaining wings level, the airplane and burning wing still intact, in what appears to be an uncontrolled descent from 33,000 feet when the video ends at 1+19sec. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaQzMv89eeo Ken