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  1. Hello All.. sorry for late reply, Ive been away from the internet for a few days. OK.. to answer your kind advice.. ColJones... Yes, I have an aged old DCA licence - when it used to be in a small booklet. I am planning to get my medical in teh next few weeks and then will apply for a ASIC something-or-other. Thanks or the links. Pale XXX... Yup. you're right.. I had a 2nd look at the figures.. I must have been reading them the first time through rose colored glasses!... nevertheless, the diesel option looks good in a world where Avgas is in diminishing supply... Lucky you... living in Chang Mai Old Koreelah... Your'e right the difference in the price of fuel is not that much but availability is. I had looked into flying back from the USA through my old stamping grounds - I see that Avgas is US$12 a litre in Luxor (HELX). And in most of the Middle East, Avgas is only available at airports where there is a flying school. recflyer .... So far the Glassair Sportsman ticks the boxes except for price - that diesel is an extra $80K and then they are not able to be overhauled - they are a replace only when they time expire. anyhow, still a work in progress.. I may find something cheaper.
  2. Hello All Just retired and home after 30 years working overseas. I harbour a wish to build an aircraft. Presently thinking the Glasair Sportsman with the Diesel (runs on Jet A1) engine may be an interesting option. Tail wheel with big bush wheels. 130KTAS @ 20 lph seems a reasonable compromise for the cash strapped retiree. http://www.glasairaviation.com/sportsman.html Comments? Suggestions? Still a couple of years off though and time for lots of mind changing. Meanwhile onto the more mundane matter of getting an ASIC ...( Whatever the hell that is) and to get current again and do some local flying. Cheers Niels
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