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  1. Looking for naval fighters on the web I found this article with pictures of Republic P-47 Thunderbolts embarked on aircraft carriers. There was a naval version of this plane? The report and photos, never seen by me before, can be viewed at the link below: Aviação em Floripa: Um P-47 Naval? Best Regards!
  2. I share with you this special and illustrated report bringing some pictures of one of the most secret and mysterious projects of the Luftwaffe during World War II. Visiting the link below, in addition to photos, you can also contribute to the discussion by answering the poll if these projects have helped in the development of Western and Russian fighter aircraft in the post war. What do you think? Visit the link below and leave your opinion. http://aviacaoemfloripa.blogspot.com.br/2011/01/os-delta-secretos-da-luftwaffe.html Best Regards!
  3. Look at this! Did You know this rare and unusual version of the P-51 Mustang? The link below has some photos and a question: this version entered service or combat? To see all the pictures and answer the question above, please visit the link below and leave your comment. Aviação em Floripa: P-51 Mustang a jato Best Regards!
  4. Wow! I share with you this fantastic and extensive report bringing a super collection of incredible, stunning and rare photos showing various types of American and British fighters in service with the Soviet Air Force during World War II. Many of the images and planes shown in the article were unknown to me and did not even know they had flown with the legendary Red Star. Be sure to visit the link below, you will also be amazed by the images: Aviação em Floripa: Asas Ocidentais sob a Estrela Vermelha Best Regards!
  5. During World War II, a group of Brazilian pilots fought alongside the Allies in Europe. Did You know about the participation of this group in WW2? Meet these men and their machines, including rare color photos by visiting the link below: Aviação em Floripa: 1º GAvCa na Itália Best Regards!
  6. Take a look at these fantastic and rare collection of color photos of WW2. To view all, please visit the following link below: Aviação em Floripa: Segunda Guerra em cores: Mulheres nas fábricas Best Regards!
  7. One of the most versatile aircraft of the RAF during WW2, the D.H.98 Mosquito was used to launch the big bombs of 4,000 lb, also called cookies. I share with you, the article below that shows some pictures of this unusual combination. According to the title, what is your opinion on using these bombs by Mosquito? Visit the link below, see the photo collection and at the end, give your contribution by answering the poll or a comment about it. Aviação em Floripa: Mosquitos e as bombas de 4.000 libras Best Regards!
  8. During the World War II many women piloted fighter planes or bombers, is transporting them from the factories to the front line or in combat. I share with you an extensive and fantastic collection of photos that show some these brave and beautiful women in action. You can find the images by visiting the link below: Aviação em Floripa: Belas e mortais Best Regards!
  9. I share with you some pictures of rare versions of the first US operational night fighter. Does anyone know if the equipment and weapons tested were used in combat? The collection of photos can be viewed by visiting the link below: Aviação em Floripa: P-61 Black Widow em testes especiais Best Regards!
  10. I share with you some pictures of the impressive K-7 aircraft designed in the Soviet Union in the interwar period as heavy bomber but did not go into production. Visit the link below, see the collection of pictures and leave there your opinion or comment: Do you think the K-7 would succeed in his mission as a bomber? Aviação em Floripa: O gigante russo Best Regards!
  11. The most famous nose art of all time were not exclusive of the Allies during the Second World War. I share with you a fantastic collection of images, some rare and colorful, of various models of the Luftwaffe aircraft with the famous and feared painting. To view all photos, visit the link below: Aviação em Floripa: Shark Mouths alemãs Best Regards!
  12. The link below provides a large collection of images, including rare color photos, of a little known fighter aircraft used during World War II. Aviação em Floripa: Um holandês bom de briga Best Regards!
  13. I share with you a report showing a fantastic collection of photos of aircraft designed during the Second World War to bring war and destruction far beyond German borders. However, all of them did not pass the stage of prototypes and testing. What do you think if these planes had been built in quantity? They would have changed the course of the war? Visit the link, see the photos and give your opinion through the poll at the end of the article. Aviação em Floripa: Os "Pesos-Pesados" alemães Best Regards!
  14. The link below shows a collection of images including various types of aircraft in the service of the Luftwaffe during World War applied with camouflage to operate mainly in Theatre of Operations of the North Africa. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful camouflage schemes already created. Do you agree with me? Visit the link below and see for yourself. Aviação em Floripa: Camuflagens de deserto da Luftwaffe Best Regards!
  15. I share with you an impressive collection of images of the Allied aircraft captured and tested during World War II and with German markings, the Squadron commanded by Theodor Rosarius. The article includes tons of pictures, some of them extremely rare and also color photos. To view all the photos visit the link below: Aviação em Floripa: Zirkus Rosarius Best Regards!
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