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  1. palexxxx


  2. Yes .... hence my tongue in cheek comment.
  3. Hmm, seems like you're a dangerous person to correspond with. Everyone you write to ends up dying.
  4. Why don't you just add a link to the CaMit website? http://camitaeroengines.net/
  5. My account was never deactivated. I just simply logged on again and because I hadn't posted in quite a while I thought I probably should say 'Hi' again.
  6. Hi Niel, Welcome to the forum from a fellow 'newbie'. Are you sure of those performance figures? According to the glasair website cruise at 75% power is 132 knots, but even at 65% power (122 knots) it is using 8.5 U.S. gallons per hour (about 32 litres).
  7. G'day, I was a member here many years ago, as with everyone circumstances change and I had to put my interest in planes and flying on the backburner for a while. Previously I was located in Strathfieldsaye (just out of Bendigo) but for the last three years I have been living in Thailand. This would be a great place to fly if the airways were a little bit more available to the public. I'm hoping to return to Aust. soon and resume my flying activities. I've just found my first post when I joined the first time (from Aug 30, 2006) http://www.recreationalflying.com/threads/gday-from-palexxxx.462/ While searching for the above thread I saw a few old familiar names. I hope that they are all still around and enjoying friendly skies. Peter.
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