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  1. You’ve misunderstood my point. You are advising the 18yr olds on here to get hold of IFR approach plates and exercise full blown approaches to add to everything else they’re learning. Presumably you are suggesting exercising with an instructor. What I was highlighting was that at no point and in any context ,was he advising traffic of intentions. I was simply pointing that out. However, the more I think about this the more I think it is ill advised unless in an absolute emergency and then after undertaking the course - it’s called a PIFR.
  2. ... comms? The RPT conducting the same approach might like to know. Is it legal without ADSB?
  3. Aviation in Australia would be so much poorer without it mate! I hope he keeps it exactly as it is.
  4. Ironpot


  5. Thanks for this. I thought Mackay was expensive so perhaps it’s a sign of things to come.
  6. It’s appears that it’s simply a tool used by the big airports to make using their runways unattractive at peak times. YBBN charges an additional $200 during peak times (if you’re qualified to use their runway). It’s a whole new facet to flightplanning!
  7. Is my understanding of Cairns charges correct? I read this as I can land and park anytime for $17/t but if the landing is between 1000 and 1400 local, then they will charge $350. Is the solution just to avoid arriving between these times? What about departing during these times? Seems a bit steep!
  8. Great article but I also find it amazing that the Brits don’t look to make more of their achievements especially in Manchester where these guys were from. I recently visited Manchester and the Air & Science Museum was closed for renovations. Completely by chance I discovered the Avro Exihibition near Manchester Airport on what’s left of the old Woodford Aerodrome. It transpires that all the Lancaster’s were assembled there and it’s the birthplace of the Vulcan which is another great story.
  9. I was there two days ago. The lake has a lot more water in it than previously but the Warburton Groove is not as spectacular as I’ve seen it before. Hardly any birds except near the Warburton Inlet and a slow flight at 500’ was no drama. William Creek is dead busy - make sure you book a table for dinner when you arrive! The accommodation is adequate when you consider just where you are, and everybody is super friendly. We flew to Birdsville over the the Simpson and that is just spectacular at the moment.
  10. I wasn’t complaining. Movement fee was fair. I agree, its a terrific set up and well worth visiting. We stayed in town - good food and lots of character.
  11. Thanks for the invite - Gympie and Monduran are on my to-do list.
  12. Overheard last week “ ... just had a drone 50 ft off my port wing at 6500”.
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