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  1. rankamateur

    hang gliding harness incident

    I stand thoroughly corrected, only saw what was on TV, no NBN internet out here!
  2. rankamateur

    hang gliding harness incident

    All over the TV they refered to the dangling bloke as the studeht who the instructor didn't hook on. I got the impression the instructor may have hung around too long while setting the student off solo, and ended up hanging on for dear life when the ground ran out.
  3. rankamateur

    Painting or Wrapping?

    Would it be more tedious that epoxy filling and sanding all the rivet heads as I have already done? I am thinking that would be a good start to getting a good wrapping result but I would still be a bit concerned about the weight difference between wrap and a conservative layer of paint.
  4. rankamateur

    Another NEW Savannah S on it's way in NZ

    Well Bob you have got me half motivated again.
  5. rankamateur

    Old Glenn Innis to Grafton Road

    I did a four and three quarter hour nav at the end of my training, came up from Evans Head to Glen Innes on the way home. It was the most enjoyable part of the whole project. Due to a misleading wind prediction in the weather report, our track took us much closer to Grafton than first planned but it made for a very scenic flight home.
  6. rankamateur

    Rust spots on fly wires

    Replacement!!! I used a Maricat for years with rusty stay wires, all went well until the day it didn't. they just snap when they go with no warning. We dismasted, rolled the sail around the boom, lashed the mast and boom to the trampoline and started paddling back to the beach. Or you could wear a parachute.
  7. rankamateur

    CASA confuses me.

    They sound a bit wet to me!
  8. rankamateur

    Installing a UHF

    Commant 121 in the kit I got, I installed it on top, but put the unity gain UHF antenna under the fuselage, it still has plenty of ground clearance.
  9. rankamateur

    Installing a UHF

    Xcom add a harness to a standard dash mount GME uhf set to interface with their airband set, I installed them myself, nothing challenging, just regular tools and farmer skillset.
  10. rankamateur

    Dynon D1 Fatal Error

    Time they had an Australian agent! Do they have any on going subscription costs?
  11. rankamateur

    What to ask when buying an engine?

    When the prop is hard to pull through and the cause is a bent crankshaft!
  12. rankamateur

    What to ask when buying an engine?

    Was the Foxbat at Glen Innes?
  13. rankamateur

    Dynon D1 Fatal Error

    Shouldn't the last version of firmware still be available to re-flash rather than just say D2 is in the market and D3 is soon to be released. The throw away tech mentality is out of control. I will replace my Samsung android phone after the 5G models are released, not before, but several crook firmware upgrades have tried to take it out ahead of schedule. Funny how their first response is always, "It is more than two years old, time you had a new one!".
  14. rankamateur

    Dynon D1 Fatal Error

    Do the chips in modern electronics have a count down timer set to render the hardware useless after a pre-defined life span. Be good for business and dead simple to add into the firmware, and who would ever know.