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  1. JG3

    ASIC renewal

    Thanks heaps. That's just the leads I needed.
  2. JG3

    ASIC renewal

    I need to renew my ASIC card. I realize that RAAus aren't involved any longer, but who do I go to?? I did a search and couldn't find the answer, but did find one post that there are other options than CASA. Does anyone know the best procedure now?? Please no tirade of how ridiculous the ASIC concept is, we all know that only too well......
  3. JG3

    SPOT satellite locator

    The PLB/ELT system uses a different and more comprehensive satellite system to the SPOT, so the SPOT is not a replacement. That's why I carry both.
  4. JG3

    SPOT satellite locator

    That hasn't been my experience with SPOT at all. I've used mine for 8 years and done more than 200 Check-Ins, and never missed one. Both in the USA and Australia, from the Kinberleys to Tassie and many remote sites in the middle. Wouldn't travel without it. Of course I also carry a PLB as back-up, yes BACK-UP. I like the SPOT because I have the option of three levels of message besides the SOS that calls in the cavalry.... All of these messages go to friends back home who are experienced and capable of arranging whatever required. 1 - All is well here. (Check-In) 2 - Not injured but stranded and need assistance. (ie- when I've done a bush landing and busted the landing gear...) 3 - Injured need assistance ASAP. (Pretty obvious.) The PLB uses a different and very comprehensive satellite system so is a good ultimate back-up, but it does call in the cavalry even if I wouldn't need that much assistance. So I can be the judge of what I need. I trust this actual experience more than third hand rumours.....
  5. JG3

    Savannah S with Viking 130

    Oh boy, that's a heap! My Classic Savannah weighed 143lbs and flies really well in all ops. I believe the S model weighs more like 156 with battery in the tail. So yours is about 80lbs more, and sounds like a real problem.... You'll definitely want to reinforce that alloy front axle. Even with the lighter weight we've found it wise to line drill it and add a 3/8" stainless bolt all the way through. Doesn't add that much strength to it but prevents breaking away those piddly little end bolts, allowing the wheel to swivel and jam and collapse the leg, with bad result for the prop.....
  6. There are reports running around that a couple of SPOT locators failed to work when SOS was triggered. I just did a test of SOS on my SPOT2 with Geospace - all working well. In Australia call 0424217768 to set up a test. Good friendly professional service.
  7. Flew out to Coopers Gap this morning to check on progress. Counted eleven all rigged up and more blades on site. First calm day after weeks of wind, so work in progress There was an inversion holding the smoke down over the coal burning plant.... Great flying conditions early. Totally hands off for nearly an hour on the way home. JG
  8. JG3

    Savannah S with Viking 130

    When you did empty weight and balance, what was the weight on the nose wheel??
  9. Someone else please try this link. It works for me, but then I'm the owner of the map.
  10. Caloundra and Cherrabah added.
  11. It's set up for sharing. Anyone else have this problem?? Try this link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HDxCTbbdJ7DiSSakAVEBsIzGCrg&usp=sharing
  12. Khancoban now added to the map.
  13. Are we welcome to drop in to Khancoban?? I've shied away from it because I'd been told otherwise. It's a very tempting place to land and visit.
  14. North Talwood added, looks ideal, thank you. Lightening Ridge is a good stop, but nearly 3km down into town, so outside the 1km limit that I set for the site....
  15. Gday, I'm a dedicated camper and not interested in fly-in resorts or restaurants, so not interested in adding them to the map of Airfields within 1km of food and pub I thought someone else was going to set up such a map for those resorts and restaurants. Someone should; I reckon it'd be really popular. It's easy with Google Maps.