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  1. SSCBD


    Isn't that the same as you only got a bit pregnant or I only got slightly killed. And if you ever get into a real spin one day, I hope you're not carrying a pax. It's only having better safety skills on your part if you are flying sport aircraft or GA to do a course in spin recovery with GA instructor. Just like engine failures that you practice flying, you might be lucky and never get a real one, but you'll never know until it does happen. Will you bet your life on that?
  2. SSCBD

    Bloody PTV.

    And why do we have a government at all? Who is the head of transport in VIC and why are these people still in a job.
  3. Look like a mini piper aerostar at the front.
  4. Murwillumbah had a council notice of its intent to charge $14.00 per landing, I saw this before xmas.
  5. SSCBD

    Low-Life, Thief!

    Hi Frank - Really sick people around cant understand why the folders??. Where is she based?
  6. SSCBD

    Please Vote

    Sport Pilots Or Sport Aircraft Pilots
  7. SSCBD

    Flyin Competitions/Games

    Oh yes, the good old days before rules and regs.
  8. So what about aircraft agents selling aircraft, flying to airshows or to show to a buyer? Also when they are delivering aircraft?
  9. SSCBD

    Small Flying Schools

    The burden and cost of compliance it is putting on members is the problem with RAA and it will increase as it is really a money game for RAA and those who are in the game to make money from RAA. Look at the commercial operators on the board and do they have a conflict of interest? RAA is not fun anymore, to PC = to many rules and regs for a lot of members and its, just do this, or that, all under the smoke and mirrors of safety or control(loss of freedoms), for money. Look at the costs to buy a new RAA TRAINING aircraft around $200k to $300k plus for the affluent schools. Why would the one man CFI, who probably has his own property and operation flying in the country, say with a Drifter or Lightwing be allowed to compete to the big city boys. What is the cost of inspection and compliance of a flying school from RAA and the school these days. Also - Why would any student want to pay for around 12 mins just having the Rotax engine running lets say at $250 to $300 PER hour dual coast when operating on the ground at these so called big schools to get to the runway to take off. A lot of costs just to taxi around these bigger city type airports. Where GA is costed at air time. They we get to the problem of RAA instructors. If you have not flow with many different CFI's they all have THEIR little pet things they like done in a specific way. EG don't fly at 1000 ft in circuit, you fly at 990 ft, so the fin is not about the 1000ft. (true) Or fly so close in on downwind that turning base and final is really 180 degree turn. Some CFI's need to be retrained in my humble opinion, and watch out for the brand new shinny just minted RAA instructors. I would not let my daughter fly with some of them. ON THE FLIP SIDE - Why would you learn to fly RAA these days any way when GA is in the long run is cheaper and you get better training, and then just fall back into RAA and be a better pilot for it than be trained by a RAA flying school. Truly WHAT dose RAA stand for these days, it is not Recreational or fun. People here on this forum I have read refuse to fly into fly-ins as they might be RAMP checked of hauled over the coals for a minor operational infraction on radio for example (not that it caused ANY safety issues. So in ending what has RAA done for all of you that are members and all cant agree on what you want? I know some who just go of fly to the city type schools and airstrips a miss and do what they want and have a great time out the back blocks. A lot of lucky guys have a strip on some land or property in the country and have the best flying. But what happens when no country CFI's are around to do a flight review - they might just go underground and fly with RAA and be a breakaway group that CASA had before AUF was invented. You will also probably lose more wantabe students (new RAA members that pay money ) from the country that just find it to hard. Great sport we are in! As one of these country guys said - I do my own stuff away from everyone else, on my own property and don't care! I don't see RAA (the body) being around in this format over the next say 4 or 5 years. It is badly run, as usual and always has its hand out and dose not deliver. About time for a new model that is fun and works for its members and holds the line against CASA.
  10. SSCBD

    Small Flying Schools

  11. SSCBD

    Small Flying Schools

    Compliant is in the eyes of the inspection - many ways to skin a cat, pick on weaknesses, change standards or requirements - however, who would you appeal to if failed by inspection by RAA. Is one available?
  12. SSCBD

    Small Flying Schools

    Hi Keith - where have you heard this - and are RAA going to fail these flying schools?
  13. Usually the drones are above me.
  14. As my reply to your comment was deleted by mod above (strange) (no not strange, abuse of that ilk will be edited every time. Play the topic not the man....MOD) - I suggest turbo that you do you own in Brisbane, instead of trying to discredit anything you cant get your head around or that was legally allowed by CASA. Flew for over12 months under it. Many dispensations were common from CASA back then, when we actually had real pilots in charge and they had common sense. including Parachuting, and GA water operations FOR EXAMPLE. How do you think they got airborne when the rules conflicted. Another example for you turbo, flew and landed at Coolangatta, Townsville and Cairns all classed as primary airspace (and yes all were active) were just some airports the Lightwing two stroke had access at the time or are they not good enough examples for you as a precedents? Its not the aircraft par se THESE DAYS with Rotax 912 and a L2 to keep it in the air, its the training of pilots that RAA needs to show and work on with a strong knowledge of operation in, around and out of CTA that should be even better trained than GA. Then you might have a good argument - its not the aircraft that's the problem its the drivers.
  15. comment deleted...mod Fully approved and documented, by head and 2ic and also by director sport aviation CASA Brisbane AND was on file with ATC. If RAA wants to call I can give them the names from CASA who signed off and approved the documents. but they should know as the AUF did know after the approval was given. How do you think they let an ultralight (Light wing two stroke into the airspace) the precedent to fly in control airspace has been there for years.