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  1. KR2 World Tour He is still going. Currently on the Russia / Chinese border waiting for the Chinese embassy to figure out the visa he requires. Hell of a trip :)
  2. Sad to hear :( I hope the guys at CAMit are able to transfer their skills elsewhere. I know that guys in the UK who lose jobs in engineering, toolmaking, manufacturing etc are generally having to retrain for completely new careers :(
  3. Apart from when you are exporting all that lovely wine to the UK Talking of which. A friend of mine was playing rugby over in Queensland and asked the barman for a Fosters, the response was "We don't drink that rubbish here, we export it to you idiots"
  4. You'll get multi-function keys once Northern Hemisphere technology filters down to you Southerners in twenty years time P.S I think alt+156 (156 on the right numpad) should give you the £££££££££££££
  5. I think there is a Mountain/low flying/ terrain awareness training you need in NZ too? Or is that just for obtaining a full licence out there? Mountain/Low Flying - Canterbury Aero Club (CAC)
  6. They're used with the Sherwood Ranger so could be worth finding some user groups/forums based on that aircraft. TLAC | Aircraft Site |Friedrichshafen 2011 A bit on the Dmotor here too but all from about 5 years ago D-Motor Aircraft Engines for Homebuilt Aircraft Anyone know anything about the "D-Motor" - Rotary Wing Forum D-Motor: flathead motor for aviation Not a lot out there which is disappointing.
  7. Not sure if this is known in Oz so thought I'd pass it on Emergency MPD 2016-007-E: Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar: Fuselage – Rear Fuselage Bulkhead – Inspection for Cracking There are cracks appearing on the fuselage rear bulkhead on SOME EV97s.
  8. My friend will be happy with the 472.5 kg. he only weighs 70kg! Any more would be a bonus! I'll let him know the info, thanks everyone for the help :)
  9. Cheers. The C42 is available in the USA with a MTOW of 540kg so it is capable of more (for the larger pilots out there!) Thanks for the pointers :)
  10. Might be an odd question but not sure of your rules. Do aircraft need to pass a CASA test or anything like that to be used in Oz? In the UK we are very limited on what we can use as aircraft need to meet UK standards (costs a lot, and too much for many manufacturers) The reason I ask is that a friend of mine is moving to Melbourne this October and has a C42 Ikarus. Would he be able to register it out there? I did search for Comco in Australia but they don't show in any results. Cheers, just that he needs to know whether to sell or hire a container!
  11. Shifnal aircraft crash: Inquests to open on Shropshire pair killed in tragedy « Shropshire Star Pilots named here :(
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