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  2. If all comes down to the difference between 'must' and 'should' in casa wording. The 200mm minimum is a 'should' and therefore not a requirement, only a recommendation.
  3. The point I was making that I didn't assume these things, or anything else about the cause of the incident until I am made aware of the facts. And I wouldn't be surprised at all if the occupants of the aircraft told the people on the ground what happened, they usually do!
  4. Maybe he knows something we don't about the cause of the forced landing.
  5. I would be surprised if it is a regulator as the battery should supply voltage even if that goes offline for some reason. Could it be as simple as the connections in the Master switch or Avionics Switch, assuming it is standard Jabiru Wiring. The other option would be a faulty avionics or master Circuit breaker. just thinking about it as I type I am leaning toward the circuit breaker as an option. Mike
  6. Tasmag

    800kg J430

    Jaba-who I built it and certified as 760Kg from the start. Mike
  7. Tasmag

    800kg J430

    I have one registered at 760kg, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.
  8. Lithium batteries are well known for requiring a warm up before they crank at full capacity. The recommendation in vehicles is to run the headlights for a few minutes. MARKDUN, do you have any more details regarding the blue smoke and molten copper, particularly what overheated and what melted. Mike
  9. One that i made using the ADSB pi link that was available on the Ozrunways site, although I used a Gen 3 Raspberry Pi and didn't have to buy the wifi portion. I am not sure that the link exists anymore, at the time I saved it to my hard drive for later use, which I used when the time came to put it all together. I am planning to change the card to a stratux version and introducing traffic into my MGL EFIS at some stage as well.
  10. On mine the Oz traffic is light blue and the ADSB traffic (From Raspberry pi) is dark blue
  11. Landed there a couple of years ago, just rang the resort and they sent someone out, even though we were only in a tent at the campground. There wasn't a charge. Mike
  12. skippydiesel This is what I had envisaged for attachment to the cap when I was thinking about doing the same thing. Mike
  13. If you use using a bladder what about just a hose on the cap and use your foot to compress it the bladder and force fuel up the hose, then when it is light enough you can lift what is left. Would take the same pressure either way.
  14. Jaba, Here is the link to Aircraft Spruce for the radio, they have increased in price since the move to the USA, I'm pretty sure they used to be $1095. MGL V6 VHF AVIATION RADIO TRANSCEIVER from Aircraft Spruce Mike
  15. The V6 is still available from Aircraft Spruce and MGL USA, who I believe now manufacture it as they purchased the licence from South Africa.
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