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  1. Except you wouldn't call a stonr cutter when you needed help, but would be quick to critique any response that didn't fit your narrow view, and experience.
  2. A quick update, should has said 19 rego, not 55.
  3. I have not long finished a build through SAAA, they were very good in all aspects. VH rego means it would be easier to access controlled airspace, from memory 55 rego requires specific approval from CASA.
  4. An attempt to convince themselves that they aren't as powerless as they know they are. Some would suggest it is related to appendage size. Either way it closely related to impotence - physically, emotionally or intellectually.
  5. Kyle Didn't know that Stratux works on standard licence, it may just be the AHRS functionality that requires the premium then. (I fitted a GPS chip and AHRS to mine to see how it went, the GPS is great, the AHRS not so much - has a lot of drift) I went back through my saved files, unfortunately I only have the Pi3 version saved. Might need to find someone with an old working version to clone. Mike
  6. That's the one problem with not being able to turn off your position in Ozrunways, and still receive other aircraft positions. I do, however, understand why they require it.
  7. Having thought about it a little more I suspect that the levels and latency aren't as big a problem as first thought, I have seen double paints where there is an OZ icon and an ADSB icon for the same aircraft. The paints are all but overlaid on each other and the altitude differences are negligible. Doesn't mean that they will always match though. Mike
  8. Franky I had assumed this was accounted for as ozrunways only gives a relative altitude difference, referenced to your current level. Bit if a trap if it isn't. Mike
  9. Kyle A bit late in the reply but the stratux works a treat on both ozrunways and the iEfis. If you use the stratux you have to have the premium ozrunways, but if you use the adsbpi version it works on the standard licence in Ozrunways. Mike
  10. Tasmag


  11. If all comes down to the difference between 'must' and 'should' in casa wording. The 200mm minimum is a 'should' and therefore not a requirement, only a recommendation.
  12. The point I was making that I didn't assume these things, or anything else about the cause of the incident until I am made aware of the facts. And I wouldn't be surprised at all if the occupants of the aircraft told the people on the ground what happened, they usually do!
  13. Maybe he knows something we don't about the cause of the forced landing.
  14. I would be surprised if it is a regulator as the battery should supply voltage even if that goes offline for some reason. Could it be as simple as the connections in the Master switch or Avionics Switch, assuming it is standard Jabiru Wiring. The other option would be a faulty avionics or master Circuit breaker. just thinking about it as I type I am leaning toward the circuit breaker as an option. Mike
  15. Tasmag

    800kg J430

    Jaba-who I built it and certified as 760Kg from the start. Mike
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