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  1. So much for Artificial Intelligence............
  2. IBob

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    Hmmm....a cheeky and robust little 701.........subtle Italian notes combine with Antipodean vigor to produce a unique and agreeable experience....
  3. IBob

    What Now - please advise

    It's not a biggy, but once or twice I have wanted to attach a pic to a PM. Is there a way to do this? Thanks
  4. IBob

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    It looks like the Sav dash went through a couple of stages: First, a removable full width panel, then a removable instrument panel, but which leaves the throttles and various other push/pull stuff at either side in place. And it may have moved on since then. One amusing thing I've noticed is that builder modifications tend to be a regional thing. That is, one builder will make a change and it then becomes not only a local trend, but almost like a current fashion. If one extends this idea, it will eventually be possible to identify year and region of build by these various telltale signs, and we'll be able to have Sav viewings like wine tastings.....)
  5. IBob

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    Mate...hot hair is the least of our manual worries...believe me!!!
  6. IBob

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    That panel frame is fairly rigid, it's pressed with a sort of rolled edge, on both the outer and inner edges. I guess it would have to be to hold the shape of the coaming (?) until the panel goes in.
  7. IBob

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    That's standard, Marty, or was end of 2014 when my kit was boxed. It's all extra weight and bits, but probably takes a lot of the pain out of assembling the panel. As for the panel layout, there are endless opinions on that. As a relative novice (and something of a luddite) I'm quite happy with the steam gauges for starters. I will probably cut a hole on the left and put my slip indicator there, so that and the airspeed are right under my nose. I'm waiting for the day to cool a bit before more painting. It continues to be quite a challenge..........
  8. IBob

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    Excellent! The Sav uses a double diagonal, but would probably still be overhead. I'll find out if I ever get through this painting...
  9. IBob

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    Came across detail of fastening of bottom engine mount, outside and in, though you probably already got the idea:
  10. IBob

    Bushcat build

    And so the trickle of money begins. Yep, air riveter for that satisfying kerchoonka and I'm in control feeling. But if you want to actually hear yourself being in control, get a belt driven compressor, not one of those little direct drive screamers...
  11. IBob

    Another NEW Savannah XL on its way

    That seems the best option, JG3. But as 80kts has picked, I may add a resistor in parallel to the flashing LED to deliberately increase the current through the switch, as I think mechanical contacts like reed switches can give problems when switching very low currents.
  12. IBob

    Another NEW Savannah XL on its way

    Just metered mine on the bench, Mark. I'm pretty sure it's just a reed switch: with just the meter across it, it's 0.5ohm either direction when closed, and open when open, regardless of polarity.
  13. IBob

    Another NEW Savannah XL on its way

    I have seen problems in automation where modern PLC inputs (=LED lamp) draw so little current through a field device with mechanical contacts (=low fuel switch) that minor contamination or pitting of the contacts resulted in intermittent operation: the input would fail to switch on despite the points being closed. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it's like there's not enough current flowing to form a good connection. With that in mind: if the indicator lamp supplied is incandescent and the LED replacement draws less current, I will instal a resistor in parallel to compensate.
  14. IBob

    Another NEW Savannah XL on its way

    Mark, that surprises me very much. But perhaps it shouldn't, given all the lookalike stuff now made by folk who quite evidently don't know what they're making...or don't care. Were you able to identify what was wrong with it?
  15. IBob

    Another NEW Savannah XL on its way

    To round out that picture, in NZ (which is younger and lumpier than Oz) there is a further issue with tank valving, as originally pointed out by Fallowdeer: When you go bush, a lot of landing places will be sloping, sometimes with no adjacent flat land at all. In which case you can either park across the slope and have all your fuel run to the low tank (and on out the breather if your tanks are fairly full, which then becomes a syphon if you have the standard breathers)......or you can park facing up or down the slope so as to level your tanks, but only if you splashed out on that optional park brake....