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  1. Yes, I had the same with the fairings: used a filler I mixed up myself out of resin and a very light fairing filler material. Then used some sort of 2 pot spray filler. Still ended up with some fisheyes, but I figure life's too short, and they're easily refinished later if need be. Glad to be past it for now: I've done more than my share of prepping and refinishing over the years, and just don't have the stomach for it any more. Steve, it sounds like you and I are up to approx the same point. And I also am badly non-current. So, here comes spring!!!
  2. Steve, my all fibreglass wingtips went in without much trouble, though it is very much 'fitting' job, rather than straight assembly, and a pre-drilled part-aluminium tip has to be easier. What we are noticing is great variation in the finish and quality of the fibreglass parts supplied. As for the tall tail: I don't have one, but they seem to be very popular with the builders here in NZ. What remains to be done on your build? Or have you taken to the skies without telling us???
  3. Hi Hank, rumour has it someone down south was/is working on a complete upholstered seat or seat replacement. I'm hopeful that I won't require that...)
  4. Me and the missus found that very funny (despite the fact I remember crying as a littly after seeing the original movie and being told how many died). However, my son.......who certainly has a well developed and irreverent sense of humour...found it borderline. Odd, that..........
  5. Thanks Mark. Very simple, really, but I'm optimistic it will make a big difference...certainly the supplied seat coverings are not enough. And, as with various other parts of this build.......I have heaps of foam etc left over......funny how that keeps happening............)
  6. Mark, pics of the seat cushions for the ICP adjustable seat (with more accurate foam thicknesses) : 15mm closed cell foam, cut to shape and contact glued to to match the seat pan shape, including the raised edges. The glider boys swear by this stuff, and it's great to work with. 40mm upholstery foam laminated on top with contact adhesive. (I'm going to spray something dark on the edges of this so it blends in). Velcro to prevent this moving in the seat pan. And the supplied 'padded' seat velcroed over the top. Very simple, feels very comfortable and secure, and avoids all the complications of DIY upholstery. I'm 175cm (5'9") and approx 85Kg. I used self-adhesive velcro throughout, but it doesn't stick well to the supplied seat fabric (it works well elsewhere). The velcro under the front of the seat needs to be the wide stuff, and I already fixed that with contact adhesive, as the self-adhesive doesn't hold there at all.
  7. Hi Mark, I'll try and get some pics today of how I shaped my seat pads: it's pretty straightforward, but Danny may be interested.
  8. Hi Mark, re the ICP adjustable seats: Having heard very varying reports of how comfortable/uncomfortable they may be, I took some careful measures of angles and shape. I then did the same with the driver's seat of my Volvo....(okay, laugh, but shortly after I got it I did 6hrs of winding NZ roads each way nonstop with a 1 hr meeting in the middle one day, I'm well past retirement, not as flexible as I once was, and I arrived home 13hrs later entirely free of crimps or discomfort of any kind.) I then overlaid the ICP profile over the the Volvo profile, expecting to find major differences. ) What I found instead is that, while there is (obviously) less of the ICP seat (it doesn't extend forward so far, and the back is less high) the profile of what is there is almost identical to the Volvo. Armed with that info, I have been working on more comfortable padding for the seat, and have arrived at a 20mm closed cell foam infill for the seat pan, overlaid with a 40mmlayer of lighter open cell foam. Over this I have the seat cover provided with the kit. The whole lot velcros in place neatly and securely. And it feels pretty good. It's very early days yet...tomorrow I hope to put the wings on...but I'm optimistic! PS. The seat cover provided come with a pronounced central padded area: it is domed up sharply in the centre. I don't know about you, but my bum is not concave, so I decided to remove the padding. This was something of a mistake: the padding is strongly attached to the fabric by the welding process, and while removing the bulk of it (from underneath) was not difficult, removing the lumpy residue was very challenging. Fortunately, I only did this on one seat, so I shall be able to swap and compare notes. I'm guessing at this point that the unmodified seat lining will also work fine with the above layers of foam under it.
  9. Oi Mark, when you get done with that, this looks right up your alley.......) https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/aircraft/aircraft/auction-2223627217.htm?rsqid=a2c58e20e71841d9ad6b316445b8208a-001
  10. IBob


  11. Phil, if she's loaded, that's a lot of pressure in those tyres???
  12. And we give thanks that we don't have to be doing that..............
  13. IBob

    Why I don't fly now

    That's hard, Ian. I've come to my flying later in life than many. I hope the years allow me a few hundred hours, for all that. All the best.........)
  14. IBob

    Improved Aileron Bushes

    So, for my money, it looks like the best option is an upsized version of JG's mod. And probably clamped to the ailerons/rotating in the hangers , due to the relative accessibility of those 2parts ( it will be much easire to drill out the hangers to bush size), as pointed out by Dan.
  15. IBob

    Improved Aileron Bushes

    The dimension I could/should have added is that is a 6mm bush going through all 6mm holes....rather than being clamped to hanger or aileron bracket as per JG's mod. So there's still nothing to prevent the thing tilting but the relative tightness of the whole sandwich...which is less than ideal
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