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  1. Puts me in mind of some WW2 aircraft they pulled out of an English bog some years back: supposedly all the Honeywell switches were still in good working order...
  2. IBob

    Killer Gas

    Thanks for that. Very informative.
  3. Yep, I've wondered off and on what that part was called, and surely there must be another word or phrase?
  4. Looks good, Marty. Where are the rudder stops on the 701? (I don't think the Sav has any...)
  5. IBob

    Ground Looping

    I was one of a DC3 full of jumpers that fishtailed down the runway on takeoff in Rylstone Kandos some years ago. Maybe gyroscopic precession when the tail came up, followed by lazy overcorrecting feet. A nasty sensation......(
  6. As Mark said, 2 plates (strips) with a series of holes, the pitch of the holes on one plate slightly less or greater than the pitch on the other, so you get a sort of Vernier effect of matching holes, through which you bolt.
  7. Marty, FWIW: A while ago, and when this came up previously, I asked Mark to measure the pedals on his XL, before and after his mod. I compared those measures to the pedals in my (late 2014) kit, and the size of mine fell between Mark's 2 measurements. In other words, ICP had extended the pedals (thoUgh not by a great amount, as I recall). My build is yet to leave the ground, but sitting in it, with heels on the floor, I have no trouble keeping clear of the brakes. To some degree, this must (also) be down to the adjustment of the steering rods, which will cause the pedals and brakes to tilt more or less towards the pilot...
  8. Oh, 'bout 3hundred and mumble..............
  9. This has the outer ends of the firewall shelf attached to the side skins, with 2 rivets, by the look of it. I'd heard of this but not seen it...what's the thinking there, I wonder???
  10. That's why we had to take it to town: the panelbeaters here don't do house calls.........(
  11. Agreed that once correctly installed and tightened, the trigger coils are unlikely to give problems. And no offence taken. I mentioned them because I was considering what might effect both 'mags'. And also because I have seen trigger coils that seemed to be correctly adjusted, but were not once we got in there with the non-ferrous feeler gauges. However, if there is a common grounding point, as suggested by others here, that would seem a much more likely suspect.
  12. One possibility would be the trigger coils. On the back of the engine they are mounted and adjusted in 2 groups (one group at 1-2 o'clock, the other group at 7-8 o'clock). Each of those groups variously fires both ignition modules, so if a group is out of adjustment, it could affect both ignition modules. These are near impossible to check with a conventional steel feeler gauge, as the magnets on the rotor make the trigger gap feel tight even when it is not. However, some gauge sets come with non-ferrous feelers (brass?) and these work very well, especially if you dismantle the set and are reaching in only with the single gauge. It's well worth checking this gap on all engines: correct gapping also gives better starting, and poor starting on a Rotax can lead to expensive problems.
  13. Mark, what is the part with the big round hole in it, between floor and seat front, in the second pic above?
  14. Wooohoooo..........excitin'..........................)
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