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  1. Good News these are NOW AVAILABLE from Coastal Aviation www.coastalaviation.com.au/ cheers
  2. Yes we have more info. So the engineering is done and casa has done it's part if not without holding up the proceeds. I am waiting for completion of parts should be within a few weeks. Cheers
  3. Hi all I have been in contact with coastal aviation in regards to a replacement undercarriage set up as mine has failed. at this stage i am still awaiting the product to be ready however once i get one i will post up some pics and let you all know how i go. this could be an excellent first step in getting alot of the these birds flying again! cheers
  4. Thanks i have the flight manual just after the maintainance manual cheers
  5. If anyone still has a copy available i am needing one? cheers
  6. i am chasing some info in regards to the rivets used to attach the wingtips on the gazelle mine has been removed for a fibreglass repair. i unfortuanatly don't have a maintenance manual. what type and size should be used? thanks
  7. HI i have recently got myself a skyboy and im looking for other owners and details on the aircraft originally built in southport an albatross aviation import. was last hangered in bundaberg about 4 years ago. any help would be great This is an old photo of when it was new. thanks
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