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  1. Don’t think they had time is my guess, the footage inside the plane shows how quick it went from climbing to descending after the power loss, gear up comes pretty quick after positive ROC. Kudos to the aircrew, worst time to lose power is on takeoff for any aircraft, no height or time.
  2. Might be part of the perimeter fence the jet went through as it overrun the strip.
  3. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter that it was an Angel Flight, the VFR pilot took off in conditions close to IMC and ended up IMC killing himself and 2 innocents that trusted him.
  4. You would almost put money on it Nev im guessing the hopper is the ferry tank. Lucky Boy is all I can say as a couple of hours in it would be in the drink in a very unforgiving Tasman sea.
  5. How lucky is this ferry pilot. Departing YLTV for NZ on a ferry flight and had an engine failure just after departing LTV. Survived the forced landing which probably may not have if he was over water in the Tasman. https://news.cfa.vic.gov.au/-/plane-crash-lands-in-traralgon-paddock
  6. Post should read. Another idiot crashes a perfectly good ICON A5.
  7. Well sounds like this thread is well and truly rooted.
  8. Thanks Nev, Wouldn’t happen to know the price per bushel of corn would you in Ireland?? US farmers are suffering with the prices since my good mate Don got stuck in to China.
  9. Wonder how many bushel to the acre they’re getting, and wonder what price per bushel? This is a farmers webpage isn’t it?
  10. We are not allowed to fly in the dark no matter what instrumentation we have fitted. 100% pilot error on this one if it such, damn shame he took someone with him, worse still for the husband piloting the other plane losing his wife in this totally avoidable crash. Yes the pilot never intended killing himself nor his passenger that day I know, but he did and we can’t take it back. None of us are immune to this as we are all human and humans make grave mistakes at times. Learn from it.
  11. alf jessup

    alf jessup

  12. I’m with you Nev. Would rather walk than sit my @ss in a Robbo of any type.
  13. Skip, I wasn’t in any way having a crack at you, I was just giving my opinion on the subject.
  14. I have been using Evans for the past 15 odd years when Rotax recommended it as the Coolant to use. I find all this crap with engine makers painful. One minute glycol mix one minute Evans. Way I see it the manufacturer goes with whoever will pay them the most. Evans does have one advantage I have found. It raised the temp of my coolant about 25 deg. My Sierra never got above 65 deg most times which in turn kept the oil cooler which in Rotax’s case didn’t run at the recommended 90 deg oil temp. Using the Evans I sit in winter between 85-90 on the coolant temp and Oil temp depending on power setting between 80-90. If it ain’t broke I aint fixing it, they recommended it years back and I changed to it, I liked the benefits I gained the some years later oh no you must use this because this company is paying us more than Evans. ( well that’s what it feels like)
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