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  1. Well shafs64, Some who do have them still fly around with the safety pin in them which you won’t get out when the fhit hits the san. The trike I sold to a bloke had a brs and he never deployed it as from what I am lead to believe it still had the pin in it. I told him when he brought it to ensure the chute is armed and ready to go each flight. He knew better I guess. Sad but true.
  2. I see your point Franco, no one intends to die unintentionally
  3. Spenaroo, 1 golden rule mate, if your engine fails shortly after takeoff , resist the urge to turn back to your comfort zone of the runway you just left, unless of course you have plenty of height. i can get my aircraft around in under 300ft which is and has been practiced many times, but I set a minimum of 700ft and drill it in to my head prior to every takeoff. Maj was a sticker for no turn backs but for reasons we will never know he attempted it and became another statistic in the long line of fatal accidents caused by turn backs. Alf
  4. Yes Jason I stand corrected it is 4 years, was thinking it was the same year the bloke I sold my trike too killed himself in it.
  5. Well today marks 5 years since some of us lost a great friend. Ross Millard (Maj) left us on this day in an unfortunate aviation accident helping out a friend. I miss him terribly even though I only met him once in person in his home town of Townsville. Many times over the phone we spoke forming a friendship before he left us. Wherever you are Maj, smooth skies and tailwinds buddy.
  6. Agree Yenn, I will wear any flak that family and friends of any pilot cowboy in icu throws my way. They might stare in awe at the magnificent flying feats of their hero right up until they bin it, while I will try to convince any pilot from killing or maiming themselves through foolhardy exploits in aviation. They have to be doing some serious stupid stuff before I will make contact with them about their activities. I always get a laugh when the defence team tries to defend somethings well and truly available on the persons social media page. I mean to tell people the dog flying in the plane with him on the 9news feed was photoshopped?? Yep so are the other 4 photos on his page then?? I mean really!!! Wouldn’t you think to delete incriminating stuff from social media first before shooting your mouth off? Anyways lot more to it than a photoshopped dog lol.
  7. Yep same as banned basically, can’t comment so no difference to me.
  8. Nev, I’m not a politician lol, Meet me one day I am what you will see lol Ok disregard Honest, Brash, mongrel, opinionated, arrogant, deceitful, low life, storyteller, top gun, can’t happen to me? Oh well maybe a couple of those, well maybe 1. Better?
  9. Thing is Thruster if I have a shot at some it is only because I care about their welfare, not about me being a bully or thinking I am better than them. Sh!t I had a crack in person at a trike instructor at one of the flyin’s I once organised, he took off with a pax climbing at a ridiculous angle with all around me going wow look at that, me I’m standing there shaking my head saying don’t do it. He couldn’t wait to get home to call me and ask me what I thought of his takeoff, I bluntly told him in no uncertain terms he was a $&#@(/ idiot and never to do that again at something I have organised. Mind you this mate is also a copper but did I care? Nope. Also made mention to him he was an instructor and had to lead by example and not let wide eyed new pilots look in awe and think they can do it. Told him bluntly to pull his head in. Spoke to another Trike instructor also once after the student he was flying beside caught a wire and ended up in a storage dam and survived (only by chance that a power boat came to the newly not overly long licensed pilot before he drowned) Told him he should be leading by example also but his words were “once they are licensed I have not control over what they do” My response was lead by example and don’t fly beside you student at low level. Fell on deaf ears as the instructor took himself out and a paying overseas visitor in a Gyro accident a few years later flying low over the hills near where he was based. I am not scared of saying anything to anyone if I think they are putting them and there passengers in harms way by being a dick. i I hope if I do something stupid people will chip me for it, I’ll take it on the chin and think good on him/her for looking out for me. But some are above help because they are guns, well they think they are. Alf
  10. The bloke is quite a pleasant and nice fellow to be honest, if he hasn’t learnt now well what can one say, I don’t think it is him defending himself I know his brother is to the hilt. Yes I have been banned from the PLA Facebook page as friends obviously administrators don’t like hearing the truth about Tex the flying cowboy. Their loss not mine I tried to guide him out of his risk taking flying. If I get banned from here so be it, I say it as it is and don’t sugarcoat sh!t. Like me or loathe me I won’t lose any sleep over it.
  11. Nev no offence taken I saw the humour in it. I’m not a perfect pilot in any case as are any of us. I try to be as professional as I can for an RAA hack. I fly as disciplined as I can and have a healthy respect for it. I know I can become a statistic in the activity I love, I may well one day go down and you all will be having an opinion, But it means I didn’t have the right stuff at the time and cocked it up somewhere somehow.
  12. Ok Nev got me, Maybe the photoshopped dog was to blame for hitting the wire? Seems to be as his brother is making every excuse to defend him. I was told I didn’t know what I was talking about on PLA on Facehead by him before the post was shutdown. Apparently he had a problem in the air and hit the wire on the way down, funnily enough I do lots of ground work on google earth and there were many places like roads and open paddocks to go too rather than a paddock full of vines. I’m not a rocket scientist and I’m not stupid either, I know his history and I knew this day would come.
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