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  1. Yes Turbs, Was very well known for posting and boasting on YouTube his low level cowboy flying activities. Unfortunately for his family he paid the ultimate price.
  2. Agree onetrack, Deficiencies I agree with you wholeheartedly. Pilot attitude and decision making is a big part of staying alive. Practicing regularly what you were taught during your training between BFR’s I believe is lacking in a lot of pilots so when it goes pear shaped you are not prepared. It is very hard to tell what a human will do next, doesn’t matter how well you train someone you have no real control over how they behave once training is finished. we all should have a health respect for what we do as flying as fantastic as it is it is very unforgiving.
  3. That’s it Franco, we are much safer passing cars with less than 5 foot clearance on the highways with a closing speed of 200kph
  4. Bet it was we had the same at Moomba all from the south
  5. alf jessup

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    Thank you Red750 every ounce of information to a new strip is helpful
  6. alf jessup

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    robinsm, one way strip when the wind is in which direction?
  7. True M61A1 Time will hopefully tell us.
  8. alf jessup

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    Thanks robinsm, Crookwell it will most likely be I think when the time comes. Cheers Alf
  9. alf jessup

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    That is what I have heard
  10. alf jessup

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    Thanks Steve, I’m not GA, just thought it odd that under 650kg couldn’t land on the bitumen strip on weekends. Wasn’t feeling the love.
  11. Right. Ok, we don’t know the actual cause of it as yet. But, let us be realistic. If the poor chap was on a cross country flight and he was happily plodding along at 1000 +- then all of a sudden he had control difficulty and ended up under no fault of his own hit the only god damn object in a paddock it was sheer bad luck. (Highly unlikely in my own bias opinion) But if he was knowingly trying to land or take off so close to the object he ended up hitting that is bad airmanship. If?????? He was showing off well it is self explanatory. My point all along is it was cause by bad airmanship judgment in some way shape or form, it is not rocket science. Knowing trying to land or take off with something so close is risky with no margin for error and foolhardy in my opinion. Please explain to me that it is not. Yes some harp on about “we don’t know the cause as yet and we should wait for the investigation before commenting” which in most cases we never hear the result anyway. B.S I say, if your not down in and around a known danger zone it is very unlikely this post would be up.
  12. alf jessup

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    Thanks for that Thruster 40 kms isn’t to bad for someone to pick us up I hope
  13. Actually I am probably one few that realise it can happen to me, if you go through my posts on accidents you will see that. I take my flying very seriously and know how unforgiving it can be hence why I practice many many scenarios between my BFR’s not like many who sit there fat dumb and happy for 2 years thinking the trusty engine will keep going. Every flight I take I look for options along the way even when I’m flying over the great divide, I will divert off track to stay within gliding range of any valley to minimise the time over serious tiger country. I am only human like the rest of us and know very well a bad judgment can be very costly hence why I try to fly as professionals as I can and minimise the risks. One thing for sure is you will never read about me in a bunch of boys beating it up page. If I do ever end up in this section I didn’t get it right but I will have done the best I could at the time
  14. alf jessup

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    Was thinking that, Hopefully my wife’s new bestie who has live all her life in Taralga knows someone with a private strip we can use. Thinking I would enjoy the fly more than the drive. i have heard Goulburn is a bit of an issue these days now that it is privately owned. Looked on Oz Runways and it was saying the bitumen strip is not allowed to be used on weekends for aircraft under 650kg
  15. alf jessup

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    barryco Cheers for that Going by the map it is NW of the town near Curraweela It is in the middle of this map apparently running north from the White House/shed about 11 km north of Taralga