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  1. Well this father & son paid the ultimate price for thinking they knew better with the grounding in place. Humans are the one thing that can make stupid decisions and very costly ones at that. Such a waste of life that should not have been.
  2. alf jessup

    Rotax 912uls oil level

    I usually burp mine after shut down for the day as the oil is hot and flows easier back to the can, then just check it before next flight, been doing it this way for the last 1500 odd hours behind a Rotax and never have had an issue. Also after shutdown I open the cowls to let the latent heat dissipate and not bake my ignition modules , this is while I fill out the paperwork, log book, wipe the bugs off and put the cover on, just a few quirky things we probably all do a bit different.
  3. The father was a companyman for an offshore drilling rig I have been informed, as I work in this industry I did not actually know him but was told from a friend who worked on the same rig. Such a tragedy for a wife and mother to lose the whole family in the blink of an eye. Will be interesting to see if it was actually a folding mast model and if the grounding was still in place as this I would then be an accident that should never have happened if the rules were followed. If it is the case it is reckless from the deceased meaning both of them which they have now paid the ultimate price. i feel for the relatives left behind.
  4. His imaginary friend had jack to do with his survival, his skills taught had a lot to do with it as well as the aircraft design. His running out of fuel is very poor airmanship, thinking I might make it is not a smart way to fly knowing you are eating in to your reserves. Glad he survived it and will no doubt never run out of fuel again.
  5. Flying from WA it might have started running on air. glad the chap is ok
  6. Yes Turbs, Was very well known for posting and boasting on YouTube his low level cowboy flying activities. Unfortunately for his family he paid the ultimate price.
  7. Agree onetrack, Deficiencies I agree with you wholeheartedly. Pilot attitude and decision making is a big part of staying alive. Practicing regularly what you were taught during your training between BFR’s I believe is lacking in a lot of pilots so when it goes pear shaped you are not prepared. It is very hard to tell what a human will do next, doesn’t matter how well you train someone you have no real control over how they behave once training is finished. we all should have a health respect for what we do as flying as fantastic as it is it is very unforgiving.
  8. That’s it Franco, we are much safer passing cars with less than 5 foot clearance on the highways with a closing speed of 200kph
  9. Bet it was we had the same at Moomba all from the south
  10. alf jessup

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    Thank you Red750 every ounce of information to a new strip is helpful
  11. alf jessup

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    robinsm, one way strip when the wind is in which direction?
  12. True M61A1 Time will hopefully tell us.
  13. alf jessup

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    Thanks robinsm, Crookwell it will most likely be I think when the time comes. Cheers Alf
  14. alf jessup

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    That is what I have heard
  15. alf jessup

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    Thanks Steve, I’m not GA, just thought it odd that under 650kg couldn’t land on the bitumen strip on weekends. Wasn’t feeling the love.